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Klagenfurt am Wörthersee ,Austria
Tourism, Restaurant, Catering & Hospitality Industries, Incentive Travel
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Klagenfurter Messe
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1 year

The beacon for the hospitality and food and beverages industry returns! GAST welcomes a large body of professionals in the Austrian and European regions. More than 400 exhibitors will throw an incredible showcase consisting of presentations, products and the latest in services for a total of three days. Attendance is estimated to exceed 15,000 industry insiders. Avoid the rush for rooms and skyrocketing prices. Trade Fair Trips ltd gets you hotels at reasonable rates in a single business day. Pay a fraction of the price for superior comfort.

GAST has a top-to-bottom approach and, in that, it guarantees a full overview of the entire value chain. Product categories include food and drinks, wine and bar, gastro systems, marketing and advertising. It’s the ideal environment to alter tastes and gather where your sector is headed. A lively support program aims to address current concerns in the service industry and offer new, exciting solutions. Make a strong statement with your accommodation for GAST. Stay just minutes away from the exhibition grounds and network freely with potential clients. Trade Fair Trips ltd delivers you this at exceptional prices.

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