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Munich, Germany
Telecommunications, Computers Networks, Internet & Intranet
Internet World – Die E-Commerce Messe
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1 year

Update for the Event

MOONOVA 2023 will be held as a face-to-face trade fair between 14.03.2023 and 15.03.2023. The event will take place at the Munich Hoch5 in Munich. Due to the government lifting its respective regulations on a national level in April 2022, the venue will not feature rigorous Covid-19 safety precautions. Participants will not be required to show 3G entry documents upon arrival due to the country's travel restrictions. If they arrive from a virus area of concern, however, they will have to quarantine for 14 days. There are currently no nations with this status.

Presentation of the Event

Considering the pace at which e-commerce and online marketing are developing, you have to stay on top any new breakthroughs, trends and tools. MOONOVA presents you the newest technological advancements and solutions in internet technologies in Munich, Germany. The international trade fair spans two days, with impressive numbers. We’re talking more than 400 exhibitors and 15,000 trade visitors. Plan for your accommodation for MOONOVA well ahead with the services of Trade Fair Trips ltd.

MOONOVA serves a meeting point between experts, innovators and established business giants to do business and as a B2B event, it gives you a chance to grow and enter new markets. The congress brings you top speakers discussing pressing issues concerning mobility key issues, customer targeting, customer experience management, brand management, emotional shopping and cross channels. Benefit to the fullest from this with the best prices for hotels for your price range. Trade Fair Trips ltd works closely with you to cut down on costs and position you close to the action! We source establishments near transport links to speed your commute or get you within walking distance. 

With Trade Fair Trips, your vision becomes reality.

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