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Basel ,Switzerland
Metal Working Industries
Organizer :
MCH Foire Suisse (Holding) SA
Event website
Event website :
2 years

The Swiss city of Basel will be the meeting point for many experts in the field of processing, drilling, and other machinery. The reason for this is the trade fair prodex . Its main goal is to give companies and professionals the chance to discuss some of the technologies and services in this industry and to create beneficial acquaintances. 

The main themes at the exhibition will be:

  • Machine tools
  • Components and accessories
  • Precision tools
  • Measurement technology
  • Computer technology
  • Process automation

Don’t hesitate whether to visit this trade fair or not. It is indisputable that you will see many of the latest technologies and top-of-the-line production and measurement equipment. Since there are many specialists expected, you should use the services of our travel agency. With the professionalism of our reservations agents and the special offers provided by our company, it is indisputable that all arrangements related to your business trip will be taken excellent care of.

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