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25 - 28 Mar REW ISTANBUL 2021

REW ISTANBUL enjoys a strong reputation as one of the most significant events for the recycling and environmental technologies sector. The international trade fair predicts its attendance will spike with over 1000 exhibitors and 12,000 industry insiders set to come to Istanbul. With numbers like these and so close to the date, it’s hard to find hotels for REW ISTANBUL. This is why you need the help of Trade Fair Trips ltd. We are the premier provider of the best discount rates for fair hotels you could ever need. 

The service we provide is simple. We handle all organizational tasks surrounding your trip to REW ISTANBUL and you focus on your attendance. Tell us how many are travelling to cheerful Istanbul and what your budget looks like. In a short session, we present you with the optimal hotel choices for your party that cuts down on expenses, shortens commute and saves your time. All resources that you need to make an impression at REW ISTANBUL. After all, you’ll be in the presence of local and international authorities, key players and the most knowledgeable authorities on the subject. Product categories include shredders, hook lifts, sorting facilities and battery recycling facilities.


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