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The RHS Flower Show Cardiff is one of the key flower shows in the UK and it gives opportunity for growers and nurseries to dazzle with their best crops and ornamental prowess in an impactful program. The flower show has had a short history with the first ever edition taking place in 2005, but it has quickly asserted itself as a prime marketplace to conduct business and exchange secrets and expertise. The parklands fill with the full botanical spectrum as visitors will have a breadth of seedlings, seeds, plants, flowers, flower pots, trees, shrubs, garden tools, flower beds, pottery, paving stones, florist supplies, dried flowers and fertilizers to choose from. The RHS Flower Show Cardiff is not just a place to buy your supplies and network, but also a platform to learn more about plant care and how to go about planting specific species.


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The RHS Show Cardiff is an annual flower show, which arrives just as spring is in full bloom as editions take place in the middle of April. The location is, of course, the historic parklands of the Cardiff Castle, which has long had connection to horticulture. Editions run for three days in total from 10:00 am in the morning until 17:00 pm in the afternoon. Doors are open to both professionals in the industry as well as the general public, which enjoys the flower installations. The flower show is a production of the Royal Horticultural Society. Cardiff Castle is centrally located within Cardiff and can easily be reached on foot or on bike. The main train station sits 10 minutes away on foot and there are bus connections to the castle grounds, so there are always ways to get there on time.

  • RHS Show Cardiff has always had an involved and lively program, whose cornerstone has been the Talks Theatre. The feature always has a full line-up of guest speakers, who discuss the most current gardening and horticulture topics, and aside from talks there are immersive workshops to attend as well;
  • RHS Show Cardiff is known for its marquees and one of the most visited is the Floristry Marquee. Each edition tends to build on top of its previous success and this edition promises to continue the tradition with one of the biggest showcases from local florists, who will also do live demonstrations;
  • RHS Show Cardiff selects a new theme every year and for the flower show in 2020 will be dedicated to The Great Outdoors – a move to connect people with nature. The theme will unite all other features and programming from displays to workshops.

RHS Show Cardiff straddles the line being a community event and a professional show for people in the industry, which translates well into visitor numbers. The flower show reaches up to 20,000 visitors per year on average and the trend is for those to stay stable over time, because the event is centered around British horticulture. This, in turn, affects what type of nationality visits with the greater majority going to natives from the UK. Professionally, there are nurseries, growers, florists and conservationists that attend RHS Show Cardiff. The show teams up with organisations such as The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales and The Giving Nature a Home Partnership to deepen what they offer to the public.

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