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Saint Petersburg ,Russia
Metal Working Industries
Organizer :
Messe Essen GmbH
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Event website :
2 years

SVARKA Welding 2023 Update

SVARKA WELDING's 2023 edition will be held between 26.04.2023 and 28.04.2023. The live trade show will take place in St. Petersburg, Russia, at the Expoforum. The host site will install the latest Covid-19 safety safeguards. One of them will be the requirement that surgical masks be worn in enclosed spaces. Due to current travel restrictions, attendees will be required to present documents such as immunisation passports upon arrival in Russia.

Presentation of the Event

SVARKA WELDING approaches with an improved program and an even wider reach in the Russian region and beyond. The international trade fair brings you the latest news and breakthroughs in the welding, cutting and surfacing industry. St. Peterburg, Russia will welcome thousands, so be sure to get your accommodation for SVARKA WELDING as soon as possible. Trade Fair Trips ltd is quick to provide you with the best discount rates for fair hotels all over the world.

Trade Fair Trips ltd condenses the process of researching hotels in St. Peterburg and locating the best deals to a single business day. You tell us your budget and we ensure you stay within it. Our service is dedicated to making your business trip as pleasant and productive as possible by positioning you strategically close to exhibition grounds. SVARKA WELDING will take out all the stops to showcase technological advancements in everything from quality testing and measuring equipment to methods of corrosion protection. Part of the program is also dedicated to specialist training and workshops.

Trade Fair Trips ltd help you rise to the top at SVARKA WELDING .

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How to get to SVARKA WELDING
On foot
On foot:

Pulkovo Airport – not advisable

Moskovsky Rail Terminal – not advisable


By car
By car:

Pulkovo Airport – 12 mins via Peterburgskoye Highway

Moskovsky Rail Terminal – 1hr via Mitrofanevskoye highway


By public transport
By public transport:

Pulkovo Airport – 50 mins via 39 and 187

Moskovsky Rail Terminal – 1hr30mins via 26 and 187


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