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Tendence occupies an important place within the consumer goods industry. The international trade fair is considered to be the most important for the second half of the year due to its summer slot since 1948. It gives detailed information on summer trends across all product categories. Living, decorating and giving are the main themes for each edition. Tendence gives exhibitors the opportunity to get strong publicity on new items. That’s why product launches are a success. What does the product portfolio feature? You have household articles, furniture for the home and garden, paper products, greeting cards, party items, lifestyle accessories, seasonal decoration, perfumes, watches, clocks, decorative china and more. 


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In order to keep up with developing design trends, Tendence arrives every year during the summer months. Editions are typically held in late June in Frankfurt, Germany and exhibitors can display their products to buyers for a total of three days at Messe Frankfurt. Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH functions as the official organiser. Admission is given to trade visitors only. You have to check ahead of time for working hours. Now let’s talk about commuting to the exhibiting grounds. Messe Frankfurt enjoys excellent public transport service and anyone attending Tendence gets a pass free of charge for the duration of the event. The fastest way to get to the fair is through the metro, but you can also take the S3, S4 & S6 suburban train lines or the 16 & 17 tram lines.

Tendence is brought to you with the generous support and partnership of SEBIME, BHB, EDRA, Handelsverband Hessen and VDMD among others. What appeals to exhibitors are the numbers. You compete with 600 other exhibitors, while the exhibition halls are filled with over 15,000 trade visitors. You’re guaranteed foot traffic and can expect to make solid sales numbers. Exhibitors come from all over Europe such as Austria, Greece, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden and France, but there are brands from Vietnam, Andorra, India, China, Kenya and Nepal. Visitors tend to come from retail trade, wholesale and foreign trade, skilled trades and the service industry. Most have certain purchasing power, whether autonomous or shared. You’ll meet with co-owners, managing directors, board members, area managers, department heads and others. There’s also freelancers, trainees and other skilled workers in attendance. 

What Are People Saying? 

“Tendence is still one of our most important touchpoints with the German market. An annual opportunity to hear first-hand how Scandinavian trends are perceived in Germany is immensely valuable to us,” – Daniel Henriksen, Sales & Marketing Director, Hübsch-Interior;

“Visitors are discovering a completely new Tendence: with a fresh face and innovative structure. The relaunch has been a success and our customers are praising the new concept,” - Lars Adler, Managing Director Hoff Interieur and Chairman of the European Lifestyle Association (EVL);

“We came to the fair with a clear vision of our target group – wholesalers who were looking to plan their business early and place pre-orders for next year. So we are delighted that Hall 11 has brought us together with precisely this target group,” – Christian Gehlmann, Managing Director, Gehlmann:

“I think the mix at this year’s Tendence has been super and very bold. We had fewer customers on the first day but since then business has been very brisk. The mix in Hall 12.0 has just been perfect,” – Jan Philippi, Managing Director, Philippi 

Tendence 2021

COVID-19 forced the cancellation of Tendence 2021. After discussions with shareholders, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH announced that there’s too much working against a physical edition. It’s not safe and the pandemic has threatened thousands of stores. That’s why there’s not going to be a live event and there are plans for an in-person event in 2022. No official dates have been set as of yet. Messe Frankfurt will work with the local government to create a safe fair concept and employ strong protective measures. In the meantime, exhibitors and visitors can make the most out of the all-digital platforms for sales and information - Conzoom Solutions and Nextrade.

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