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BIOTEC (China International Biotechnology Conference & Exhibition) is a unique hybrid event. It’s an international conference, which aims to bridge the gap between East and West. It’s also an exhibition aimed at companies in the biotechnology field to showcase their innovations. There’s a going on and a good platform to attend, if you’re interested in breaking into the Chinese market. In the past two decades, China has made a huge jump in modernizing and creating a competitive biotechnological market. There’s a good reason to attend the conference and develop a network of contacts. The exhibition portion showcases the latest in culture equipment, stirring devices, culture media, reagents, databases, biobanks, genomic diagnostics equipment, data storage services and automatic pipetting equipment. The conference portion is not to be missed and there will be papers from some distinguished names in the field.


China International Biotechnology Conference & Exhibition 2022 is taking place as planned at the China Medical City Convention and Exhibition Center in September. The dates are finalized for the period September 17th – September 19th. G&M Expo have shared that they will make sure the live edition of this event goes smoothly and without any risks to the health of attendees. China has been one of the first countries to develop a robust system of COVID-19 protective measures and there will be strict rules and sanitation protocols put in place for the duration of the conference. Visitor compliance is mandatory.


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BIOTEC is an annual conference and exhibition organised in Taizhou, China. Editions fall towards late October and programming runs for three days in total. Official organiser for the event is G&M Expo (Shanghai Guang Mao Exhibition Services Inc) and the venue is the China Medical City Convention and Exhibition Center, which is located right at the heart of the China Medical City – a massive, innovative high-tech zone for the pharmaceutical industry. Only professional speakers and exhibitors are invited to attend BIOTEC. Be sure to check out the official program when the time comes. The China Medical City Convention and Exhibition Center is well connected to the city’s infrastructure by several major roadways. The closest airports are Wuxi Airport or Yancheng Airport, an hour’s journey away. There are also 6 golden railway lines passing through Taizhou railway station, which make it easier to commute from different cities and airports in China. 

  • BIOTEC has a very comprehensive approach to how it targets segments in the industry and gives attendees a diverse mix of formats and events to meet the needs of everyone. You’ve a selection of show invitations, press conferences, road shows, show updates, industry reports and promotions.
  • Exhibitors benefit greatly from showcasing because there’s an international hosted media platform, which acts as a networking platform between exhibitors and international trade publications. You can promote your brand effectively and increase your reach in foreign markets. 
  • Of course, we can’t miss out on the rich academic conferences taking place at BIOTEC. Major speakers from all over the world will take on the stage to share new discoveries and research. 

BIOTEC is only in its fourth year and as a result is still growing. Organizers expect for more than 1000 professionals to attend the conference portion and have around 200 companies involved in the exhibition portion. You have a real opportunity to establish yourself as one of the early players at the event and gain entry to the growing Chinese biotechnology market. That’s certainly not to be missed. BIOTEC is also a gateway to Asia in general as there will be visitors from neighbors like Japan, South Korea and Thailand. The visitor profile for the trade show is also very diverse in professional backgrounds. Exhibitors can meet with OMICS researches, licensing managers, drug discovery researchers, university labs, technicians, clinical researchers, information processing specialists and many more.

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