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When undertaking a business trip, it’s crucial to find hotels near the exhibition grounds. In such a context, we’re talking about professional accommodation. Not every hotel will do the job – you’re on the lookout for fair hotels that meet all criteria to support you during your visit to a live event in a foreign country. The factors to keep in mind are many – language barriers, costs, location and access to public transport.

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Professional accommodation comes with a long list of logistical demands and every single one has a direct contributing influence as to whether your business trip is going to be successful or not. First, there’s the matter of group bookings – the number of travelers in your party will determine with certainty where you’re going to stay. A smaller group under five has better chances to secure attractive deals on bed and breakfast hotels. Hotel conditions also vary depending on select trade shows in Europe and Asia. How you get good location near a German Messe is not going to be the same in Shanghai for instance.

Not to mention, there are flight arrangements to consider and afterwards, an airport transfer. With smaller groups, rent-a-car is also a service to consider. Would you need meeting rooms or facilities for any other purpose?

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Our main strength is that we are a one-stop solution for all the points raised above. We iron out all details surrounding your logistics from the aisle seat on your plane to where you’re going to stay in the city and how you’re going to get there. Our specialists brief you in great detail on the city’s public transportation details. Where you can, it’s best to rely on buses, the metro and the city rail to get to your destination as a means to save money. You find an answer to all your travel needs in one of our custom service packages with a flexible pricing. What brings us to the forefront is our ability to meet all budget requirements.

Business Travelers – What’s Specific about Them?

To best understand the nature of a business traveler, we have to take a look at the leisure traveler. A vacationer has one goal in mind – rest! You wake up when you want, do what you want and see what you want. Business travelers adhere to a stricter schedule as they are in that specific city to participate in a live event and maximize profits for their company. Every hour of every day follows a plan.

Professional accommodation then should support and service this plan as much as possible. Start with the efficient and smooth travel experience from airport to hotel lobby and then from lobby to the exhibition stage. It’s also important to consider how price factors in your travel plans and the amount of auxiliary support services you’re going to need from meeting facilities to transport of products and building an exhibition stand.

Business travel continues to gain prominence and statistics further back this claim. A statistic from this year reveals the top spending countries in this sector and how their overall spending budget’s increased. China, the undisputed leader, has spent over 346 billion dollars in 2017 compared to its 196 billion in 2012. Coming in at second place is the USA with 292 billion dollars in 2017 against its 262 billion in 2012. Even smaller countries like Spain invest in over 22 billion dollars, which is a 5-billion increase since 2017.

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