CIOE is an abbreviation for the Chinese International Optoelectronics Exposition and currently is ranked as the number one trade event for the optoelectronics industry in the world. Another huge achievement is the fact that CIOE is also the only optoelectronic exhibition with showcasing fields like optical communications, lasers, infrared, precision optics, sensing and photonics innovations.

An INFORMA group event, the exhibition is put together by the Shenzhen Herong GS Exhibition Co. with support of the Ministry of Science & Technology and Ministry of Industry & Information Technology. CIOE occurs every year at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center and each edition lasts four days sometime in September.

In addition to acting as an economic gateway into China’s optoelectronic market, CIOE functions as an information platform concerning the latest research and technology trends across the entire value chain. The exhibition is home to the OGC (Optoelectronics Global Conference) and the International Executives Forums.

There’s a wealth of technology to experience at CIOE, which is also the main reason why there is such an interest in the event. Optoelectronics and related technologies have multiple applications in industries that rarely intersect. Aside from the obvious benefits for exhibitors to move product off shelves and work towards establishing contacts on Chinese markets, CIOE offers a wealth of information that spans wide.

Each edition has a Keynote Forum, 55 Technical Seminars and above 800 presentations on any topic you can imagine. Trade Fair Trips ltd offers hotel services for CIOE tailored strictly to what you need and expect. It’s our task to isolate the most affordable hotels near Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center that will make excellent savings on your business travel budget.

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