Medical Equipment
Düsseldorf, Germany
11-14 Nov 2024
Messe Dusseldorf GmbH
1 year
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The prime showstage for medical technology innovations

COMPAMED is an important trade show for the medical technology sector. It takes place in conjunction with MEDICA, the leading medical industry trade fair. The trade show occurs as an annual event at Messe Düsseldorf in Düsseldorf, Germany. COMPAMED is one of the most influential venues for showcasing medical technology innovations. Discussing industry challenges is also among the reasons for professionals to attend. Furthermore, specialists visit the fair to gain recognition. COMPAMED is the meeting location for a variety of professionals. Among them are medical product developers, suppliers, and manufacturers. Specialists attending the concurrent MEDICA also visit the fair.


COMPAMED 2024 will take place at Messe Düsseldorf as a live exhibition. It will coincide with MEDICA with the events taking place between 11.11.2024 and 14.11.2024.

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On foot
On foot:

45 mins when travelling from Dusseldorf Airport

Not advisable when travelling from Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)

By car
By car:

10 mins when travelling from Dusseldorf Airport

10 mins when travelling from Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)

By public transport
By public transport:

20 mins when travelling from Dusseldorf Airport

30 mins when travelling from Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)


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What is COMPAMED's Business Profile?

As mentioned, COMPAMED receives participants from a variety of medical industry sectors. Such include specialists related to medical technology such as suppliers, manufacturers, and developers. Furthermore, professionals like packaging specialists attend. Technical procurement and production managers also visit. So do design engineers and technicians. Medical technology exhibitors from the concurrent MEDICA also attend the fair. Among them are dental technology experts and ophthalmic optics developers. They also feature wearable technology suppliers and others. Because of its importance to the industry, many leading companies attend COMPAMED. Such include Aalto Bio Reagents Ltd and Acme Monaco Corporation.

COMPAMED is an international trade fair that can help attendees in completing various important business aims. Among them are gaining recognition, expanding their field of expertise and networking. Furthermore, the fair enables professionals to conduct business including procuring materials, supplies, and other wares. Also, COMPAMED enables attendees to learn about the latest trends and innovations. 

The fair can help professionals in completing such goals by providing them with opportunities. Such favourable circumstances are available via the comprehensive support programme. The activity schedule features a variety of sub-events such as conferences, an exhibition, matchmaking/networking events, and forums. Among the leading sub-events in the support programme is the comprehensive exhibition. The exposition is the central presentation stage for the latest innovations related to a variety of medical technology wares. Such include novel manufacturing tools, components, services, and raw materials. It also includes innovative OEM equipment, modules, adhesives, components, and microtechnology. Likewise, attendees can examine the latest IT, software, and modules. The exhibition features over 800 exhibitors, including leading companies and start-ups. The exhibition features six product categories, allowing visitors to find target wares with ease. The categories are:

  • End product manufacturing and services

  • OEM modules, components, and equipment

  • Software and IT 

  • Services for component manufacturing 

  • Electronic and electrical components, microtechnology

  • Adhesives and raw materials

  • Manufacturing equipment 

The comprehensive exhibition enables professionals to network, close important deals, as well as learn about the latest trends. Furthermore, the exposition provides opportunities to gain recognition. This can be quite valuable for start-ups as it allows them to raise brand awareness. 

Many of the networking/matchmaking events also provide opportunities for specialists to expand their knowledge. Such include the three Forums that form a central core within the support programme. The Forums are known as the  High-Tech Forum, the Innovation Forum, and the Suppliers Forum. Medical manufacturing suppliers, specialists, technicians, market leaders and engineers attend the High-Tech Forum. The sub-event serves as the central learning and networking platform for such attendees. During the micro-event, participants can learn about a variety of medical technology topics. Such include subjects like:

  • High-quality integrated next-generation diagnostics

  • Printed electronics

  • Collaboration between the equipment and component manufacturers

  • Photonic and laser applications

  • Smart Sensor solutions

  • Processing, manufacturing and micro-precision

  • Microfluidic solutions for POC diagnostics and LS challenges

The High-Tech Forum consists of several types of sessions. Such include innovation or start-up company pitches. These often precede networking sessions, during which attendees can network with start-ups and leading experts. Another type of session included in the Forum is the Q&A variant. During such micro-events, attendees can discuss challenges, new markets or the latest industry trends. The High-tech Forum also includes expert panel discussions. During such discussions, experts such as Dr Thomas Dietrich provide information about new solutions, innovations, or industry changes. For many start-ups in the medical technology sector, the High-Tech Forum is one of the most important COMPAMED sub-events. This is due to the mentioned pitch sessions allowing them to gain recognition.

Process chain manufacturers gather at the Supplier Forum. This is due to the sub-event allowing them to network, gain recognition and expand their specialist knowledge. Frequently, attendees include material, components, modules, additives, and other manufacturers. The Supplier Forum focuses on various topics related to the medical technology industry. These include:

  • Electronic and mechanical components

  • Innovative materials

  • Manufacturing processes

  • Manufacturing services

  • Usability and design aspects 

  • Quality assurance

  • Additive manufacturing

  • Regulatory and electronic affairs

The Innovation Forum is one of the most essential COMPAMED sub-events. This is due to the micro-event allowing attendees to learn about the latest innovations in the industry. It is also where participants can study and learn about the most recent challenges. The Innovation Forum is additionally the central networking location for high-tech medical technology developers. This is due to the sub-event allowing them to discuss different topics and form partnerships. Among the topics of discussion at the Forum vary for each edition and are determined based on the current motto. For example, the 2021 editions’ adage was  “Microfluidics for Mobile Diagnostics”. The motto featured topics related to mobile diagnostics and microfluidics. Such included subjects such as:

  • Microfluidic platforms for the development of POC tests

  • Microscale cell culture

  • Advanced detection schemes for Life Science and diagnostics consumables

  • Flow control management strategies for POC and POU devices

  • Miniaturising active fluid control

The Forum consists of discussion sessions. Each of the lectures features a leading expert, such as Dr Holger Becker, beginning a debate by presenting their research. After the opening speech, attendees begin to discuss the subject. This allows them to learn about the different topics, including new solutions. 

COMPAMED can be a valuable asset for a variety of medical technology professionals. Such include medical technology manufacturers and suppliers. It also applies to specialists r medicine, dental medicine, ophthalmic optics, and the health sector. Packaging, validation and qualification experts should also attend. Production and technical procurement managers should also consider visiting. Engineers from the design, R&D and production departments should likewise attend. So should technicians and heads of R&D or production divisions.

COMPAMED and the coinciding MEDICA take place on an annual basis. They occur once per year at Messe Düsseldorf with Koelnmesse GmbH as the organiser. The event takes place for four days, during which attendees can visit between 10 am and 6 pm. 

Messe Düsseldorf is one of Düsseldorf's most important exhibition venues. It is a trade show centre that is easily accessible from various city districts. This is because of the site's extensive public transportation connections. These include taxi, bus, metro, and trains lines. The time needed to reach the venue can vary. Travelling by bus from Düsseldorf Airport, for example, will allow you to reach the site in 18 minutes. The same route will take you 11 minutes, should you opt for a taxi. The metro enables reaching the venue from the central station in 25 minutes. When travelling the same distance by taxi, you will need 20 minutes to reach the venue. Travelling to the venue from cities near Düsseldorf saves time as well. For example, the travelling time via train from Cologne to the site is 60 minutes. Similarly, when commuting from Neuss by bus and metro, the travelling time will be 40 minutes.

Düsseldorf is a popular tourist destination in Germany. This is due to the city's significance as an important trade fair venue. The city offers a wide range of dining and lodging options. Such include a variety of hotels, hostels, guest houses, and apartments. Düsseldorf also includes many restaurants, beer gardens, and nightclubs. Bars, breweries, cafés, bakeries, market stalls, and teahouses are additionally available. Hafen, Flingern, and Oberbilk are among the neighbourhoods worth considering. So are areas such as Friedrichstadt, Pempelfort, and Kaiserswerth. Local cities worth considering include Neuss and Erkrath. 

During its annual events, COMPAMED attracts a diverse and large group of participants. For example, more than 1,500 exhibitors and over 45,000 trade visitors attended the 2020 edition. Similarly, over 46,000 trade visitors and over 3,500 exhibitors attended the 2021 edition. A total of 169 countries visit the fair. These include:

  • UK

  • Czech Republic

  • China

  • Greece

  • Albania

  • South Africa

  • Russia

  • Finland

  • Pakistan

  • Singapore

  • Italy

  • Taiwan

  • Puerto Rico

  • Indonesia

  • Spain

  • Belgium

  • Slovenia

  • Mexico

  • Croatia

  • Malaysia

  • Thailand

  • Germany

  • Canada

  • Ireland

  • Hungary

  • UAE

  • Belarus

  • Netherlands

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Portugal

  • Romania

  • Poland

  • France

  • Japan

  • Egypt

  • San Marino

  • Iran

  • Ukraine

  • Slovakia

  • Sri Lanka

  • Algeria

  • Lebanon

  • Estonia

  • Monaco

  • Sweden

  • New Zealand

  • India

  • Kazakhstan

  • Tunisia

  • Argentina

  • Colombia

  • Austria

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Israel

  • Serbia

  • Bulgaria

  • Turkey

  • Denmark

  • Lithuania

  • Georgia

  • Latvia

  • Peru

  • South Korea

  • Luxembourg

  • Norway

  • Australia

  • Switzerland

  • Norway

Professionals from the medical industry attend COMPAMED this includes specialists that represent the dental medicine, medicine, medical technology, and pharmacy sectors. It also includes the ophthalmic optics and health sectors. 


COMPAMED editions are frequently attended by numerous participants. The 2020 edition, for example, featured over 1,500 exhibitors from 63 countries and was held in digital format. The event attracted over 45 000 professional visitors from 169 countries. During the rendition, over 18,300 items were displayed in the online showrooms. The edition also included a diverse program with more than 100 web sessions. These sessions featured 300 participants at their peak. The schedule included a Conference Area with 430 speakers and 360 program points. It addressed issues such as the digitisation of care processes. The presentation of robot colleagues as helping hands was another highlight of the show.


Between 15.11.2021, and 18.11.2021, COMPAMED 2021 and MEDICA 2021 were held as hybrid events. At Messe Düsseldorf, the fairs were held as live exhibitions as well as on specialist digital platforms. To ensure the safety of attendees, the most up-to-date and stringent Covid-19 prevention measures were implemented at the venue. Before admission, attendees had to present valid 3G documents, such as proof of recovery or negative test results. Over 46,000 visitors from 150 countries attended the concurrent editions. Additionally, over 3,500 exhibitors from 70 countries attended the 2021 editions. The total number of speakers at both editions was also impressive: 610. During the editions, a total of 787 presentations were made. 77,300 unique users were registered on the digital platforms that hosted the online aspects of the fairs.


The 2022 editions of COMPAMED and MEDICA took place as live trade shows. They were held in Messe Dusseldorf between 14.11.2022 and 17.11.2022. The events did not feature Covid-19 safety measures. This was because of the removal of the country's pandemic-related restrictions. The coinciding editions received more than 81 000 visitors (75% of whom were from abroad) and more than 5 000 exhibitors.


The 2023 renditions of COMPAMED and MEDICA were hosted as live trade fairs between 13.11.2023 and 16.11.2023. The events were hosted in Messe Düsseldorf and received over 86,000 participants. This includes 83,000 visitors from 166 countries and over 6,000 exhibitors. 75% of the visitors were from abroad and 80% of them were decision-makers. 

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