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Glasgow, Scotland
Telecommunications, Computers Networks, Internet & Intranet
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Update for the Event

The 2023 edition of ECOC will take place as a face-to-face event between 02.10.2023 and 04.10.2023 in SEC, Glasgow, Scotland. Organisers have assured that they are continuing to monitor the situation and adapt policies as necessary to adhere to the latest government regulations. Due to this, the venue at present does not have COVID-19 safety measures. Likewise, the country does not have at present travel limitations. 


What are the cutting-edge advancements made in optical communication and technologies and how are they to find application in our world? The answer to this question can be found at ECOC, a major international trade fair servicing the fibre optics industry.


  • First and foremost, there’s the size of the audience – 6500 professionals – that makes it a very lucrative opportunity for players in the industry to grow their influence.
  • There are practical aspects and knowledge sharing engrained in the Training Zone, where fusion splicing and passive optical network testing takes place.
  • FTTx Centre is filled with demonstrations of the latest technologies.
  • The Market Focus knowledge program.


This annual event is put together by Nexus Business Media and is characterized by the fact that is travels to a different city every single year. The upcoming edition is going to take place in Brussels, Belgium over the course of three days. Exhibitors will have an opportunity to unveil their advancements made across the full value chain covering optoelectronics, communication systems, communication technology and glass fibre optics. Brussels Expo welcomes visitors from 09:30 am until 17:00 pm. Only on the last day is the closing time one hour earlier – 16:00 pm.

Audience and statistics

ECOC is parts exhibition where you can see the future of technology in action today and parts conference with over 20 seminars held on hot topics in optical communications. The programming items you ought to be looking out for include the Market Focus knowledge platform, the FTTx Village and the conference track.

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Past Edition

2020 Edition

ECOC is a trade show that often features new sub-events. In 2020, for example, the ECOC Industry Awards took place for the first time/ They marked the 25th anniversary of the event. The awards recognised significant achievements in the development of optical communications, transportation, networking, fibre-based products, and more. ECOC 2020 was hosted in digital form.

2021 October Edition

The 2021 edition also feature new sub-events. One of the highlights was the Product Focus Theatre. It showed the latest product innovations in various demonstrations and presentations. Like the 2020 edition, the format was published in digital form.

2022 Edition

ECOC 2022 was held in Basel, Switzerland, as a face-to-face trade fair. It occurred between September 19th, 2022 and September 21st, 2022. The venue did not implement Covid-19 safety precautions due to the country lifting its pandemic-related limitations. Over 6,200 visitors attended the event, which included more than 50 speakers and 290 exhibitors.

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