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The European Fine Art Fair, widely known as TEFAF, was founded in 1988. Every year, it treats the world to a feast for the eyes – namely, 7,000 years of the finest works of art.

It has since branched out into TEFAF New York Spring, which covers modern and contemporary art and design, and TEFAF New York Fall, which specializes in all art from antiquity to the 1920s. That said, TEFAF Maastricht has all that and more in its roster, from the paintings of Old Masters to 20th Century art and design. All have passed through the eyes of world-class experts across various disciplines so that both private and institutional collectors can purchase well-preserved, properly attributed, and authentic masterpieces.

Professional dealers, gallerists, and collectors come to TEFAF to buy and sell museum-grade artwork. If you want to put your finger on the pulse of the world art market, TEFAF Maastricht is the place to be.

TEFAF 2024

TEFAF 2024 will be a live event that will take place from 09.03.2024 to 14.03.2024. The edition will include a live trade show whioch will be hosted at the Maastricht Exhibition & Congress Centre. Due to the improved pandemic situation, at present, the Netherlands does not have national Covid-related restrictions in place such as the 3G entry policy.


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TEFAF Maastricht is a weeklong yearly art fair begun by the European Fine Art Foundation. Open to both the public and trade visitors, fair hours are from 11:00 am to 19:00 pm every day except for the last day, during which the public must vacate the premises at 18:00 pm.

Usually held in March, the 2021 edition of TEFAF Maastricht was held in late May at the MECC Maastricht. The MECC Maastricht is located in Maastricht City’s outer ring.

Getting there should be easy no matter what mode of transport you take. The MECC Maastricht is a stone’s throw from Maastricht Central Station and a five-minute walk from the Maastrich-Randwyck station. There is always a bus you can catch from the city. The MECC is also fifteen minutes away from Maastricht-Aachen Airport. The city of Maastricht is accessible via various European motorways, such as the A2, the E5 (Amsterdam-Brussels), and the A79 (Liège-Aachen/Cologne). 

TEFAF has split into three fairs—Maastricht, New York Spring, and New York Fall. Maastricht encompasses 7,000 years of art history into one art fair, while the two New York fairs deal with specific time periods of art. You can say that TEFAF Maastricht is the mother of them all. This is due to its boasting of over 270 of the world’s top art galleries and dealers from over 20 countries in attendance. A total of 71,000 visitors visit the yearly editions. TEFAF also hosts the trend-setting Art Market Report, which influences much of the global art market.

Sponsored by AXA Insurance, the Bank of America, and BMW, one can expect elegance and finery at this catered event. Prestigious galleries and dealers include Altomani & Sons, Gallery 19C, and Charles Beddington Ltd. Indeed, this fair is a must-see for artists of every skill level and lovers of fine art.

TEFAF 2021

TEFAF 2021 featured many outstanding masterpieces for its second virtual edition. Once again, there was an Early Access Day that was invite-only. There were approximately 700 works on display from over 260 exhibitors. Sixteen exceptional artworks by world-renowned dealers were among the highlights. These works exemplified the splendour of art and jewellery from all periods of history.

TEFAF 2022

The 2022 edition of TEFAF signified the successful return of the leading art exhibition to live editions. The rendition took place between the dates June 24th and June 30th 2022. The 35th edition of the fair featured 242 exhibitors. TEFAF 2022 was held as a hybrid event – face-to-face complemented by a digital platform. The live aspect of the fair did not include Covid-19 safety measures due to the Netherlands removing its domestic restrictions because of the improving pandemic situation.

TEFAF 2023

TEFAF 2023 took place between 11.03.2023 and 19.03.2023 in the Maastricht Exhibition & Congress Centre as a live art trade show. The venue did not include Covid-19 safety measures. TEFAF 2023 featured more than 250 art organisations, more than 50,000 visitors and 270 exhibiting specialists.

TEFAF 2024

The 2024 edition of TEFAF in Maastricht was a live art fair hosted in MECC between 09.03.2024 and 14.03.2024. It received during its preview days a total of 272 exhibitors from 22 countries, 300 directors and 650 curators from museums. It also featured 40 museum patron groups and approximately 50,000 visitors.

What You Can Expect as an Exhibitor?

  • Every exhibitor undergoes a rigorous vetting process with the latest cutting-edge technology and scientific methods, so you can expect all the premier galleries of the world to be in attendance.
  • Artworks and antiques are also checked against the Art Loss Register, which collates the world’s missing, stolen, and looted pieces. All this ensures the confidence of potential buyers.
  • New galleries do get a chance to display their showcases at TEFAF Maastricht, which believes in giving new blood a chance to experience a major international art fair. Artwork to be found at the fair include antiques, sculptures, paintings, photographs, illustrations, and jewellery. 

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