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The Munich Show - Mineralientage

The Munich Show - Mineralientage

Munich ,Germany
Stone, Marble & Ceramics
Organizer :
Messe Munich
1 year

Art and nature come together seamlessly at The Munich Show – Mineralientage, which is set for the dates of October 22nd to October 24th, 2021. The venue of choice for this physical event is Messe München in Munich, Germany, which follows the highest standards for hygiene and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


The Munich Show - Mineralientage (sometimes referred to as Mineral Days in translation) is the leading international trade show for gemstones, jewellery, minerals and accessories in Europe. The event has a long history as it dates back to 1964 and in the decades since its introduction has grown to be a focal meeting point for sellers, buyers, jewelers and collectors.

It’s not just mineral that are on display at The Munich Show. The entire exhibition floor is divided into four key ‘worlds’. We have Mineralworld (dedicated to the mineral industry), Gemworld (showcasing everything from rough stone to cut coloured stones and fine jewellery), Fossilworld (an important fossil-dedicated platform for scientists, collectors and dealers) and Stoneworld (for sophisticated accessories, room aesthetics and wellness with stones).

Each edition selects a new guiding theme and offers visitors special features like the Collectors’ Cabinets or a show that highlights young design talent.


The Munich Show – Mineralientage arrives annually in Munich, Germany at the end of October and editions last for a total of three days. The first day, usually Friday, is reserved for the industry crowd only and the remaining two, the weekend, are open to trade visitors.

Messe München is where the action happens and Münchner Mineralientage Fachmesse GmbH serves as the official organiser. Work hours on all three days are set from 09:00 am in the morning until 18:00 pm in the afternoon, though you should check the times for specific events.

Now onto commuting. You don’t need to rent a car to get to Messe München quickly. The exhibition grounds are connected to the U2 metro line and you also have several options pertaining to the city rail system. All in all, you have a short trip with public transport ahead of you.

What You Can Expect as an Exhibitor

  • The Munich Show might be open to the general public, but it’s also a place to conduct business and grow your professional network. Jewelers, in particular, benefit from their very own trade area – the “Gemworld Professional”, which is open to specialists only;
  • The Munich Show is also a through line to museums, which often participate at the fair in different capacities. This, in turn, gathers more interest from the industry press and you’re in a great position to generate buzz for your business and qualify sales leads;
  • Every edition offers a completely different feel and experience since it’s build around a new theme each year. This sees the inclusion of special exhibits and presentations. One of the most exciting special exhibitions in 2019, for instance, answered the question of “Who gathers, writes history”.

Audience & Statistics

The Munich Show – Mineralientage is a well performer for a specialised fair of its kind. Last year saw the inclusion of 1250 international exhibitors that came from 63 countries total. The audience rose to a total of over 40,000 visitors; this includes industry professionals and gem enthusiasts from the general public.

That’s what so interesting about The Munich Show – Mineralientage. It is as likely to encounter families with young children interested in gems and fossils as it is likely to interact with collectors, buyers, scientists and museum staff.


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