Exhibitions in Belgium for Animals & Pets

Belgium’s animal industry, as with many other international livestock sectors, is undergoing slow shifts in production. Experts predict that the market will reach approximately 3.8 million heads by 2026, which shows a marginal annual decrease of 0.6% on average since 2021. Compared to the rest of the world, Belgium’s livestock sector lags behind, claiming the 70th place behind Yemen. At the same time, the country's livestock imports are on an upward trajectory expected to increase by 0.3% annually from $646.9 million in 2021 to $660.1 million by 2026. Since 2004, demand has steadily risen by 0.2% each year. With 1.3 million hectares of useful agricultural area, Belgium’s beef production is one of the major pillars of the country’s agricultural output. Producing 278 thousand T cwe from 911 thousand heads in 2016, the sector primarily relies on dairy culled cows and fattened young bulls. Although beef production has witnessed an 8% volume decrease since the 1980s, it has remained stable since the 2000s. Despite being a significant contributor to the agricultural landscape, Belgian beef consumption has experienced a decline since then. By 2016, beef consumption has plummeted to 14.2 kg cwe per inhabitant. The surplus production is exported with 189 thousand T cwe of beef, constituting 68% of the total production, shipped to various destinations. Notable markets include the Netherlands, France, Italy, and Germany, which account for 85% of Belgian exports. The remaining 15% is directed to markets in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. At the same time, Belgium’s beef imports have maintained relative stability since 2007. Over the decade leading to 2016 they fluctuated between 70 and 80 thousand T cwe. Key suppliers include the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom and Ireland. As Belgium navigates these trends, the animal industry still retains relevance in the country’s agricultural landscape.

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