Exhibitions in Belgium for Food & Drink

Belgium has always been a powerful influence in the global food and drinks industry as it’s one of the major culinary centers in Europe with a distinct cultural identity. The reliability, acclaim and deliciousness of Belgian food and drinks only prove the expertise and craftsmanship of its producers. The adherence to the highest food safety standards throughout the entire food chain from farm to fork ensures that buyers and consumers can trust the safety of these products. In terms of numbers, Belgium’s food industry performs exceptionally well with a turnover of EUR 61.4 billion, EUR 1.9 billion in investments and EUR 30 billion in exports. Belgium’s unique position at the crossroads of diverse European cultures and its robust research and development landscape make it an ideal testing ground for food innovations. Fueled by this environment, Belgian food companies are at the forefront of innovation, staying agile to adapt to new trends and consumer demands both domestically and internationally. Innovation clusters like Flanders' FOOD and Wagralim further support these endeavors as they allow even small producers to lead in creating the food of tomorrow. Sustainability is also a strength of the sector as the Belgian food industry has set ambitious goals outlined in its sustainability roadmap for 2025. Collaborating with customers, suppliers and various stakeholders, the industry has set its eye on delivering on more than 32 concrete goals in the coming years. The roadmap is comprehensive and aims to ensure a well-rounded, eco-conscious approach to food production. Created by Fevia, the federation of the Belgian food and drink industry, Food.be is a big platform that connects international food professionals with over 1300 Belgian food companies. Under the banner of “Food.be – Small country. Great food.,” the organization promotes Belgium’s offerings and cultivates a global appreciation for the exceptional flavors that define Belgian gastronomy.

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