Exhibitions in USA for Food & Drink

With a diverse population and a taste for innovation, the US food and drinks industry has been a global leader for decades. In 2023, packaged food and drinks alone were projected to top $1 trillion mostly due to increased internal demand. The American population never shies away from tasting new flavors and jumping on trends. Since the pandemic, health and convenience have been two of the main drivers of the entire sector. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all menus. Today’s American palate craves variety, which is a natural function of both the nation’s multicultural makeup and a growing curiosity for international offerings. From Thai curries to Korean BBQ, global influences are spicing up kitchens and adding more color to supermarket shelves. But health consciousness remains a key driver. Transparency in labelling is crucial with consumers seeking out natural ingredients and products that align with their dietary needs. Sustainability also takes center stage with eco-friendly packaging and responsible sourcing gaining favor. Yet, convenience remains king. Busy lifestyles fuel the demand for quick and easy solutions, whether it's pre-cut vegetables for a stir-fry or ready-to-eat meals. Technology plays a starring role too with online grocery shopping booming and food delivery apps streamlining the process from order to plate. Here the pandemic and economic uncertainty have the biggest impact on purchasing habits. Value for money is paramount, leading to an openness to new brands and private label options. While brand loyalty remains strong, consumers are willing to experiment, seeking quality at an affordable price. The upcoming years will prove to be interesting for the US food and drinks industry given the high tempo of innovation in plant-based options, functional beverages and personalized nutrition. Technology will further integrate as AI-powered recipe recommendations and connected kitchens become commonplace. Sustainability will be non-negotiable and closed-loop systems and reduced food waste will take center stage.

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