Exhibitions in UK for Food & Drink

The UK’s food and drink industry contributes massively to the country’s economy with a turnover of £104.4 billion last year. The UK is known for numerous delicious offerings that find their way across the world as exports. The food and drinks sectors is a breeding ground for innovation, sustainability and exciting trends that are captivating both local and global audiences. One key driver is the environmental conscience. Consumers are demanding sustainable packaging that reduces plastic waste. Programs like the ‘Made Smarter Innovation’ support manufacturers that seek eco-friendly solutions. Looking beyond packaging, functional foods are taking center stage. These health-focused products, valued at £209.6 billion globally, promise disease prevention and enhanced well-being. The UK is at the forefront of this revolution, offering products that cater to both physical and mental health. The rise of plant-based eating is another major force. Driven by ethical and health concerns, this trend sees the emergence of delicious alternatives to meat and dairy. The market for plant proteins is exploding, projected to reach £16.8 billion by 2026. Exciting innovations like lab-grown meat are promising to open new avenues for food producers to meet consumer demands but in a sustainable fashion. Experts predict this will be a multi-billion-dollar industry. Beyond these specific trends, globalization continues to influence the UK's culinary landscape. Consumers are embracing fusion cuisine, combining international flavors to create unique and exciting dishes. Craft beverages, from artisanal beers to kombucha, are also rising in popularity as they offer diversity and quality. These trends highlight the UK’s vibrant food and drink industry, which continues to expand and weather economic shocks and financial burdens such as inflation and constricted spending budgets. But for investors, exporters and manufacturers, the outlook is good for the upcoming decade as British consumers find themselves more adventurous than ever when it comes to their diets.

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