Exhibitions in London, UK for Food & Drink

The UK’s food and drink industry has stepped into the arena of technological innovation and it’s London that’s become the epicenter of this exciting transformation. Fueled by a thriving startup ecosystem, the Food Tech sector has been busy over the past five years. The city has been the birth site of many innovative solutions, which have a solid impact on the way we eat as well as the way we grow and process foods. A sustainable future is more attainable now than ever. London offers investors and nurtures a flourishing Food Tech scene, which has already attracted major companies such as Deliveroo, Hello Fresh and Huel. This hotbed of activity extends beyond consumer favorites and encompasses a diverse range of AgriTech solutions that, given time, will have a positive impact on farming and food supply chains. These groundbreaking advancements fall into various categories such as next-generation food and beverages. Companies like Supplant, a Cambridge-based startup, are developing alternative ingredients like sugar from fiber, providing healthier and more sustainable options without compromising taste. London's Julienne Bruno pushes the boundaries of plant-based dining with innovative techniques and delightful discoveries, showcasing the full potential of this exciting culinary realm. Flybox, another London-based company, tackles the issue of food waste by transforming organic waste into insect-based protein and fertilizer, creating a closed-loop system that benefits both farmers and consumers. These are just a few examples of the innovative spirit thriving in London's Food Tech scene. Investors are taking notice, fueling the ecosystem with over €38.5 million invested in Supplant, €6.5 million in Julienne Bruno, and over €1 million in Flybox alone. The impact of London's Food Tech revolution extends beyond the city limits. As these companies mature and their solutions scale, the UK is poised to become a European powerhouse in Food Tech innovation.

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