Exhibitions in France for Food & Drink

Given France’s reputation as a destination for gourmands, it’s no surprise that the country boasts one of the most dynamic, high-earning food and drinks industries in the world. France is known for delicacies that tantalize the taste buds, but that doesn’t happen by chance. The country has set high-quality standards that take into account modern consumer expectations and relies on old, old traditions. According to the French Ministry of Agriculture, Agrifood and the Forestry, France’s food and drinks industry last generated €180 billion. That’s 20% of France’s total manufacturing market. In terms of numbers, this looks like nearly 16,000 companies that employ approximately 400,000 people with the majority being small to medium-sized enterprises and almost 75% have fewer than 10 employees. Dairy and meat farming lead the way, contributing around 33% of total industry revenue. The French beverage market, encompassing wine, spirits, and soft drinks, follows closely by contributing 16.1% of the industry’s revenue. France’s agri-food sector is the second-largest export market for the nation. 63% of France's agricultural produce finds its way to international markets. European beverages and cereal-based products further establish France’s global culinary influence, accounting for 30% and 28%, respectively, of exports to non-EU nations. France’s food distribution channels reveal a diverse ecosystem that consists of specialized wholesalers that cater to niche clienteles like confectioners. There are also numerous self-service depots that provide a diverse range of food and beverage products for varied consumer needs. Then there are traditional wholesalers, which specialize in specific areas such as kitchen equipment or grocery, serving both foodservice and retail industries; and full-line wholesalers, which offer a comprehensive product range. France’s retail sector operates under a triple net pricing policy, involving discounts and rebates. Carrefour leads the pack with a 20.4% market share, closely trailed by Leclerc, Intermarche, Systeme U, Auchan and Casino.

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