Exhibitions in Paris, France for Food & Drink

Paris is one of the major culinary capitals in the world and one of the central hubs for innovation in the foods and drinks industry. Here tradition is built upon with modern solutions and startups flourish to usher in the next generation of innovations. These ventures are reshaping the industry, offering a taste of the future to Parisians and beyond. Here are three startups that exemplify Paris’ spirit of entrepreneurship and bring forward sustainability, technology, and efficiency. As they continue to redefine norms, the city’s food and beverage industry is poised to grow. Agricool challenges the notion that our grandparents enjoyed better produce than the generations that followed. Their mission is clear – provide superior, local and pesticide-free fruits and vegetables. Specializing initially in plump strawberries grown in recycled shipping containers, Agricool envisions a future where a diverse array of delicious, sustainable produce is accessible globally. Their ‘paradise for fruits and vegetables’ optimizes lighting, temperature, irrigation and air quality, setting a new standard for urban farming. In a post-pandemic landscape that prioritizes direct sales, LiveMarket.io emerges as the first direct sales SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for winegrowers. Acknowledging the shift in consumer habits, LiveMarket.io simplifies transactions and offers a user-friendly platform for winegrowers and customers both. The company streamlines communication and sales processes and empowers winegrowers of all scales to navigate the evolving market dynamics effortlessly. FoodMeUp takes recipe management to the next level, providing professionals in the food industry with an innovative solution. Their format allows chefs to seamlessly organize recipe data, link it to production metrics, and access valuable analytics. More than just an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), FoodMeUp serves as a comprehensive tool, saving users valuable time and enhancing efficiency. With plans to expand into recipe multiposting for bloggers and API development, FoodMeUp is at the forefront of culinary tech evolution.

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