Exhibitions in Lyon, France for Food & Drink

Lyon, following in the footsteps of Paris, fosters a community of startups working in its food and drinks industry. The city is washed over by a new wave of innovation that’s reshaping not just the local culinary landscape, but the rest of the country. From farm to table, the Lyon area offers its food professionals a myriad of opportunities to blend gastronomy, farming and sustainability. With 10,600 hectares of farmland and 273 farmers in the metropolitan area, Lyon is a fertile ground for agricultural endeavors. Notably, 17% of these farms are certified organic, emphasizing the region’s commitment to sustainable and responsible farming practices. Local distribution channels thrive, with 92 farms selling their produce through various outlets, including group sales, community-supported farming associations and organic markets. Lyon boasts a thriving culinary scene with 5280 restaurants, including those awarded a total of 18 stars. The city offers a diverse array of dining options. Institutional catering is also a significant player with 4,600 people working to ensure quality meals in various institutions. In a move to enhance food resilience and justice, Lyon Métropole collaborates with food stakeholders to realize PATLY, the Lyon area's food project. PATLY focuses on six key aims, ranging from building food governance to improving local residents’ food habits. The overarching objective is to achieve 15% food autonomy and provide access to healthy, quality food for all residents by 2030. The Lyon Métropole has taken a proactive approach to involve the community in shaping the region's food future. PATLY's platform serves as a hub for transparent consultation, actively engaging the community in co-constructing a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient food system. This collaborative effort involves thematic working groups and builds on the insights gathered from a broad consultation involving 300 participants.

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