Exhibitions in France for Gems

France’s gemstone industry continues to play a significant role in the global market. Both exports and imports reflect the country’s pivotal position in the gemstone trade with healthy figures. In 2022, France exported $200 million worth of Precious Stones, solidifying its position as the 14th largest exporter of Precious Stones globally. Key destinations for French precious stones exports include Switzerland, the United States, Thailand, Hong Kong and Italy, among which Italy, the United States and Thailand moved to the head of the pack as the fastest-growing export markets for French precious stones between 2021 and 2022, signaling evolving trends in global demand. On the import front, France imported $698 million in precious stones in 2022, ranking as the 7th largest importer of precious stones worldwide. Major import sources for France include the United States, Switzerland, Thailand, China and Germany, but it was the United States, Thailand and China that witnessed significant growth as import markets for French precious stones during the same period. Several prominent companies are driving the gemstone trade in France. Frediani Pierres Precieuses stands out as a leading importer and wholesale supplier of a diverse range of precious stones, including sapphires, rubies, emeralds and garnets, catering to jewelers and jewelry makers. SARL Bresilophile International operates as a wholesaler, offering a wide array of precious stones, custom jewelry articles and silver pendants, among others. Similarly, A Bijoux serves as a retailer specializing in gemstones, precious minerals, and costume jewelry, contributing to the vibrant gemstone retail landscape in France. The outlook for the gems industry in France remains positive - evolving consumer preferences will continue to drive growth and innovation. Technological advancements and expanding global trade networks will further open new channels and expand existing revenues. As demand for precious stones continues to rise, French companies are well-positioned to solidify their presence in the global gemstone market.

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