Exhibitions in France for Catering

The French catering industry is poised to make a strong comeback; you can say it has entered its Renaissance. Experts project its revenue will reach €3 billion by 2026. While expenditure is set to grow modestly, the market is seeing exciting shifts towards innovation and diversification. So, what's on the menu for French catering trends? First, we have to talk about the pandemic, which hit the catering industry the hardest for obvious reasons. Once events were allowed, off-premise catering became a big earner with home-based and office-based events booming. This trend shows no signs of slowing down, prompting caterers to adapt their offerings for corporate and private events outside traditional venues. The pandemic further accelerated health-conscious dining. Forget heavy quiches and sauces. Today’s French diners crave healthy, personalized options. Caterers are responding with fresh, seasonal menus that cater to dietary restrictions and offering customization choices. Build-your-own salad bars are a big hit with the French. Green gastronomy has fully taken root. Eco-friendly practices are in vogue with caterers prioritizing local, organic ingredients, minimizing waste and utilizing compostable packaging. This aligns with French consumers’ growing environmental consciousness. Healthcare and education sectors present exciting new frontiers. Aging populations demand nutritious, high-quality meals, while rising student numbers create a need for efficient and sustainable catering solutions. Additionally, the corporate sector is driving demand for cost-controlled contract catering services. Outside the kitchens, technological advancements have optimized the catering experience that go beyond handwritten orders and frantic last-minute changes. Technological solutions have fully streamlined operations and enhance customer experience. Online ordering systems, menu customization tools, and even food delivery apps are becoming essential for French caterers. These trends show a French catering scene adapting to evolving consumer preferences and market dynamics. From health-conscious feasts to tech-powered convenience, the future of French catering promises innovation and quality!

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