Exhibitions in Italy for Catering

Given Italy’s status as a culinary powerhouse on a global level, it’s not a surprise to learn that it has one of the best developed catering industries in the world. In 2024, its market reached €1.5 billion and demonstrated a steady growth of 4.7% annually over the past five years. The industry employs nearly 20,000 people with an average business having 8.8 skilled chefs working to create rich and impeccable menus for their clients. Italy’s catering industry is supported by several macro trends in the food and drinks industry, and hospitality, which further drive numbers. Firstly, technology is opening new avenues for catering businesses. Increased digitalization and a preference for delivery has given off-site catering a boost in popularity. Cloud kitchens, with their focus on delivery, are seeing average order values rise thanks to platforms like Just Eat and Deliveroo. These virtual kitchens cater to the growing demand for convenience especially in bustling cities like Milan, Rome, and Turin. This trend has spilled over to catering as well. Secondly, tradition remains a fundamental principle. Full-service restaurants (FSRs) are attracting tourists and locals alike with their innovative menus and focus on regional specialties. Dishes like Spaghetti alla Carbonara and Risotto are perennial favorites, and the average FSR order fetches a premium price of USD 23.63. The influx of international tourists has also seen a boost in catering jobs for companies, which have decided to host their events in Italy. Finally, quick service restaurants (QSRs) are adding spice to the market with their familiar flavors and speedy service. Burgers, fries and wraps are popular choices, with pizza and pasta taking the top spots, priced at an affordable USD 8-9 per serving. These are easy, go-to options that allow Italian caterers to take on more clients and gigs with relative ease.

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