Exhibitions in Italy for Electric & Electronics

As Italy’s electronics industry enters 2024, it faces a challenging landscape marked by a slowdown following the initial rise in demand during the pandemic, which affected virtually all international environments. The stockpiles accumulated during the pandemic are being reduced, leading to a decrease in the quantity of goods ordered. Despite this, the sector ended 2023 with modest growth compared to the previous year. Looking ahead, the electronics industry remains a high-growth sector with promising long-term prospects. Analysts project that the global semiconductor market will reach $1 trillion by 2030. Key drivers of this growth include the automotive industry, the military sector, data centers for artificial intelligence, and the railway sector. These industries are not only demanding more electronic components but are also focusing on innovation, thereby further stimulating the market. In 2024, Italy’s electronics sector faces challenges. Companies are adopting varied strategies in response to current uncertainties: some are proactively changing their strategies to react to market conditions, while others are taking a more passive approach, opting to weather the market's ups and downs. All things considered, the sector is performing better than expected. Semiconductors, in particular, are seen as a leader for the economic cycle. The financial performance of the sector provides a mixed but hopeful picture. In 2020, the industry recorded a turnover of approximately 273 million euros, with a positive B2B ratio of 1.35 and an order value of 369 million euros. Fast forward to the fourth quarter of 2023, and the turnover has nearly doubled to around 501 million euros, although the B2B ratio has dropped to 0.75. While the order volume has slightly increased, these figures suggest that while growth is occurring, all companies should proceed with caution moving forward.

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