Exhibitions in Italy for Embedded Systems

The global embedded systems market is projected to climb to over $160 billion by 2031, marking a significant growth opportunity for Italy, particularly with the groundbreaking work of HiFuture. The Milan-based laboratory is setting new standards in embedded systems design and innovation, which may be Italy’s ticket to stake a bigger claim as a key player in the global market. Embedded systems are the backbone of modern smart technologies as their application is limitless whether it’s telecommunications and biomedical or transportation and consumer electronics. HiFuture, part of the international engineering group Teoresi since 2023, epitomizes Italy’s strength in the embedded systems sector. The laboratory excels in the design, functional testing, and security certification of embedded systems, by fully tapping into unique high-level skills to meet specific design needs. With state-of-the-art tools and the latest operating systems, HiFuture offers comprehensive services in embedded hardware and software systems, as well as testing systems. The company’s standardized environments ensure the highest levels of security, particularly crucial in sectors like avionics, rail, and medical. Their design-for-manufacturing approach further reduces implementation costs. HiFuture’s contributions to the life sciences and medical technology sectors are particularly noteworthy. The laboratory employs neural network-based technologies for rapid and accurate data processing, utilizing Artificial Intelligence to advance clinical analysis and the treatment of rare diseases. Their collaboration with the National Center for Oncology Hadrontherapy (CNAO) is pioneering technologies for innovative cancer therapies such as Hadrontherapy. The laboratory also specializes in the design and certification support of innovative medical devices. One notable project involved developing a system to control the experimental process of inserting a drug directly into withdrawn blood before reinserting it into the circulation, thus enhancing the efficacy and speed of patient care. HiFuture’s versatility and visionary work bode well for the potential of Italy’s embedded systems industry within the next decade.

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