Exhibitions in Italy for Decorations

Italy’s decorations industry has performed well, with a revenue of $0.39bn in 2024 and a projected annual growth rate of 1.01% (CAGR 2024-2029). While globally, China leads with the highest revenue, Italy’s unique selling proposition lies in its 'Made in Italy' label, renowned worldwide for its excellence in the furniture and decor sector. Italian artisans, known for their skill, creativity and customer focus, imbue each piece with a certain timeless essence. Italian craftsmanship is truly in a league of its own and customers can count on Italian furniture and decorations to be durable. From handmade ceramic decorations to meticulously crafted lighting, Italian artisans impress at everything they do. Design workshops not only honor Italy’s historical and cultural traditions but also strive for new aesthetic and functional solutions. One example is Abrissi, a Florence-based workshop, where a passion for traditional craftsmanship meets a playful exploration of materials. Specializing in handcrafted lighting, Abrissi's pieces have garnered international acclaim for their attention to detail and impeccable quality. At the heart of Abrissi's philosophy lies the meticulous crafting process, evident in every step of the process. From design to development to crafting, each piece is meticulously realized by using pristine quality materials sourced and processed in Italy. Murano glass, crystal and leather are among the materials that define Abrissi's pieces, each chosen not just for its stunning appearance but also for its natural qualities and signature differences, offering endless possibilities for bespoke designs. Italian design workshops like Abrissi are preservers of tradition amidst a climate that constantly pushes for modernity, innovation and high volumes of production. It’s what 'Made in Italy' is all about, staying true to the exceptional talent and hundreds of years of mastery over every aspect of craftsmanship. This is what earns Italy’s home décor and decorations industry a unique position on the global stage.

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