Exhibitions in Italy for Gardening

It’s only natural that Italy would cultivate a strong gardening industry given its temperate climate and ideal growing condition. The country already has a long tradition in designing, growing and maintaining outdoor spaces of all sizes – from balconies to sprawling gardens. Italians have embraced gardening as a beloved pastime and family activity. A recent study revealed that 42% of Italians proudly tend to their gardens, while a smaller yet significant portion nurture vegetable patches. Gardening transcends age and gender with women showing a slightly higher affinity for than men. Moreover, gardening is seen as a family activity with parents and children alike relishing the opportunity to bond over planting and pruning. The interest in gardening is rising and we see this in the retail landscape. Over the past decade, the number of stores specializing in gardening products has nearly doubled, from 205 to 434. Leading the charge is Garden Team, boasting 28 outlets across Italy and a sprawling total retail space of 138,700 square meters. The northern and central regions boast the highest concentration of stores with Veneto leading the pack, closely followed by Emilia-Romagna and Trentino South-Tyrol. Not all regions enjoy equal access to gardening stores, however, as some areas, including Aosta Valley, Liguria, and Campania, lack dedicated outlets for green-fingered enthusiasts. Specialized brick-and-mortar stores remain the preferred destination for gardeners, conveniently located within neighborhoods and shopping malls. While online shopping for gardening supplies accounts for a modest 13% of purchases, the landscape is consistently changing. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a reevaluation of shopping habits with a notable shift towards online purchases observed. A 2020 survey indicated that a significant proportion of respondents expressed willingness to explore online shopping for gardening essentials, citing health concerns as a primary driver.

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