Exhibitions in Italy for Automobile - Automotive Industry

Italy’s automotive sector thrives as one of the country's major industrial pillars, employing over 278,000 individuals. In a world of shifting dynamics, the industry’s transformation from traditional thermal engines to electromobility, with hybrids and electric vehicles leading the charge, is altering the status quo as well as opening doors for American vehicle component manufacturers, charging infrastructure providers and diagnostic equipment producers. These changes have far-reaching implications, not only for manufacturing but also for the thriving aftermarket sector in Italy. Despite the multiple setbacks caused by the pandemic, 2021 was an overall strong year for Italy’s automotive industry with numerous successes to come out of it by the end. For instance, 797,243 vehicles were manufactured – 443,819 cars, 290,021 light commercial vehicles, and 63,403 trucks and buses. This marked a 2.6% increase over the previous year, reflecting the sector's resilience and adaptability. In terms of new car registrations, 2021 was equally impressive with 1,457,952 new cars hitting the Italian roads. Leading this charge were well-established brands, including the Stellantis Group, which captured an impressive 37.82% of the market. Following closely were the Volkswagen Group (16.52%) and the Renault Group (11.48%). A big turning point in the industry's landscape occurred in January 2021 when FCA and PSA merged to create Stellantis, now the world's fourth-largest automotive group. Ford Motor Company also played a substantial role with 80,989 units registered in 2021 (5.55% of the market). Tesla, a pioneer in the electric vehicle realm, contributed to the shift towards electromobility with 6045 cars registered in 2021. The industry's transformation isn't confined to mergers and new players; it's fundamentally shifting the types of vehicles on the road. Gasoline and diesel car registrations continued to decline significantly in 2021, while registrations for alternative fuel cars, including hybrids and electric vehicles, showed substantial growth.

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