Exhibitions in Switzerland for Automobile - Automotive Industry

What you probably know about Switzerland is that the country has become synonymous with all forms of precision technology and engineering. It’s only to be expected from the country that has perfected the art of watchmaking. These strengths have translated to the automotive sector as there are 133 enterprises manufacturing motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers. The Swiss automotive sector showcases a unique blend of innovation and sustainability. In 2017, the industry experienced a decline in the number of businesses, but this didn’t affect its production value, which peaked at 1.62 billion euros in 2016. The sector has shown resilience, especially now in an economic slump caused by the pandemic. The automotive repair segment is another noteworthy pillar, contributing significantly to the Swiss economy. In 2016, it generated a remarkable 54 billion euros, marking a 17% increase since its lows in 2014. With a market size of 11.27 billion euros in production value, the repair industry stands as a key driver of economic growth. Car sales in Switzerland saw a dip in 2018, reaching figures last observed in 2010 with 299,716 units sold. However, amidst this slowdown, a silver lining emerged with a nearly 19% growth in alternatively fueled car sales between 2017 and 2018. This surge underscores a growing awareness of the environmental impacts of traditional combustion engines and the urgency to combat pollution. It's also indicative of the increasing availability of electric vehicle charging stations, making sustainable choices more accessible. While Switzerland doesn't boast a domestic automobile production, it plays a pivotal role in the global automotive supply chain. The country is home to around 300 companies that supply the industry, often specializing in niche areas. These Swiss automotive component manufacturers have forged close ties with their German counterparts, contributing to the efficiency and quality of German automotive production.

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