Geneva International Motor Show 2025

Geneva International Motor Show 2025

Automobile - Automotive Industry
Doha, Qatar
27 Nov-06 Dec 2025
1 year

The highlight of the year for the automotive industry

If petrol courses through your veins, and you know superior motor cars when you see them, then you have to add yours to the line-up of the Geneva Motor Show. This international trade show has been a staple for the automotive industry since 1905 and is where you’re able to see over 150 new premiers.

You’ll see the trade fair referred to as Geneva International Motor Show, or simply GIMS on the official social media and as a hashtag. What can you hope to see in person at the show? The list is extensive and features concept cars, supercars, electric cars, solar mobiles, parts, ancillaries, car tuning, accessories, bodies, and workshop equipment.

Geneva Motor Show 2025

The Geneva Motor Show will take place in 2025 as a face-to-face trade show in Doha, Qatar. The hosting dates for the event are 27.11.2025 to 06.12.2025. The event will take place in Doha, Qatar, from 2025 onwards. This is due to organisers opting to discontinue further editions at Palexpo, Switzerland, after extensive considerations.


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Hotels near Geneva International Motor Show

Geneva Motor Show arrives every year in Geneva, Switzerland like clockwork. Editions usually run over the course of eleven days around spring, most often in March. Comité Permanent du Salon International de l'Automobile serves as the official organiser of the event with duties split with Doha, which serves as the official host of the event. The trade show admits both professionals and the public.

Doors open at 09:00 am and close at 19:00 pm, but these are subject to change based on the support program during Geneva Motor Show. Doha is well-connected to public transport, with access to train lines and roads. We also can’t forget that the Geneva Airport sits minutes away on foot. 

We can back this claim with numbers. Last edition garnered the attention of over 600,000 visitors in total. Because doors are open to everyone, you have a very healthy mix of industry professionals and car enthusiasts who want to experience the magic created by some 180 exhibitors in person.

Although significant in size, we have to say that the audience is predominantly European with the biggest numbers coming from Switzerland and France in equal parts (40%). The rest we have from Germany, Italy and other European countries in smaller percentages.

If we’re to look at the purely professional audience, we see insiders from diverse backgrounds – automobile manufacturers, smaller constructors, designers, suppliers and preparation specialists.

What Can You Expect as an Exhibitor?

  • The focus falls on unveiling brand new models – over 900 cars are showcased – and this has primed both the public and industry press to pay attention and generate buzz;
  • You are in a position to maintain brand prestige as you’re exhibiting next to giants like Ferari and Geneva Motor Show awards just one model with the title Car of the Year;
  • Understanding the full spectrum of individual mobility as the trade show now highlights all products in car manufacturers’ portfolios;
  • There’s no better place to grow your professional network and register new business as the Geneva Motor Show ranks in the top 5 for the automotive industry worldwide.

Geneva International Motor Show 2023

The 2023 edition of the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS 2023) was hosted as a live trade fair between 05.10.2023 and 14.10.2023. It occurred in Doha, Qatar, with implemented Covid-19 safety measures. This was due to the country's pandemic-related restrictions. The event featured 1,000 journalists from more than 50 countries and 200,000 visitors. 

Geneva International Motor Show 2024

The 2024 edition of the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS 2024) was a live trade fair hosted in Palexpo. It took place between 26.02.2024 and 03.03.2024, without implementing Covid-19 safety measures. This was due to the removal of the county's pandemic-related restrictions. The event was attended by 37 exhibitors and 168,000 visitors. Additionally, it features 2,000 media experts and generated 4 320 000 social media impressions. 

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