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Stuttgart ,Germany
Automotive Industry, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Railway Industry
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RETRO Messen GmbH
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Event website :
1 year

Covid-19  and Retro Classics

RETRO CLASSICS' 2021 edition has been cancelled. The international trade show will take place between 21.04.2022 and 24.04.2022. Organisers have stressed that a  comprehensive COVID-19 prevention plan will be implemented at the venue for the in-person event. The security plan will include a 3G entrance policy. Participants will be required to present 3G documents, such as immunisation passports, before entering Messe Stuttgart. Such papers must also be provided upon arrival in Germany due to recently imposed travel bans.

Introduction of Retro Classics 

RETRO CLASSICS is an event dedicated to classic vehicles. It is going to take place from 7th to 10th of March in Stuttgart. By visiting this exhibition you will have the opportunity to see classic cars from all corners of the world, meet other fans and collectors, exchange ideas & knowledge.
Here are some of the highlights for the exhibition area at the event:

  • Neo classics
  • Restoration
  • Spare parts, accessories
  • Historic and classic car event
  • Classic motorcycles

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