Exhibitions in Spain for Automobile - Automotive Industry

Spain is a recognizable player in the world of automobiles. Over the past five years, it has become the second most attractive European destination for multinational companies launching new automotive projects. The Spanish automotive industry has accelerated into high gear, making significant contributions to the country's economy and job market. Spain is a heavyweight in the automotive sector, proudly ranking as the second-largest vehicle manufacturer in Europe and holding the ninth position worldwide in 2021. This is no small feat and showcases the industry's impressive growth and impact. The automotive sector isn't just a major player in the cities; it reaches into many regions, serving as a vital source of employment. With nearly 2 million jobs linked to the industry across the country, the automotive sector is a cornerstone of the Spanish job market. It generates opportunities, sustains livelihoods and supports families. Additionally, the automotive sector's turnover accounts for a substantial 10% of Spain's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), making it a significant contributor to the nation's economic health. Spain's automotive sector isn't just domestically focused; it has a robust global footprint. It's responsible for a staggering 18% of the country's total exports. Top destinations for Spain's automotive exports include the European Union, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt and the United States. Spain boasts an impressive automotive infrastructure that includes 17 car production plants, 15 technology centers, and 10 automotive clusters. It's a comprehensive ecosystem that fuels innovation, research, and development. The sector's presence is strongly felt in Spain's major cities, including Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza, Sevilla, Pamplona, Avila, Valladolid, Palencia, Vigo, Santander, and Vitoria. Spain's automotive industry is not just about vehicles; it's about driving economic growth, innovation, and international trade. As it continues to thrive, it's evident that Spain is steering its way toward a promising automotive future.

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