Exhibitions in Spain for Ceramics

Spain’s ceramics industry is fighting for top position within the sector in Europe. The past few years have seen major strides being made in company innovation as a way to gain a competitive edge. The most significant example is Roca Group, a global leader in bathroom furnishings design and production, which has set its sight on fully revolutionizing the ceramic industry's production processes. In a strategic move towards decarbonization, the company has invested in the world’s first electric tunnel kiln for sanitaryware, setting a new standard for sustainability and innovation in the sector. Partnering with Keramischer Ofenbau, a renowned German kiln manufacturer specializing in energy-efficient ceramic kilns, Roca Group has spearheaded the development of this cutting-edge technology. With over 25 years of expertise in sustainable innovation, Keramischer Ofenbau was the natural choice for Roca Group’s decarbonization project. The successful implementation of the electric tunnel kiln for sanitaryware at Roca Group’s Laufen plant in Gmunden, Austria marked the end of an intensive four-year period of development. This state-of-the-art kiln marks a significant milestone in the company's journey towards electrifying its production processes and reducing its carbon footprint. The electric kiln, boasting high efficiency and automation, offers a compelling alternative to traditional production methods reliant on fossil fuels. By leveraging renewable energy and advanced manufacturing techniques, Roca Group aims to transform its Gmunden facility into the world’s first net-zero sanitaryware production facility by 2024. This initiative aligns with the company's broader decarbonization strategy, which has already yielded a significant reduction in direct CO2 emissions, nearing its target of carbon neutrality by 2045. The implications of this breakthrough extend beyond sanitaryware production. From structural and technical ceramics to tableware, the adoption of electric kiln technology presents a pathway towards comprehensive decarbonization and sustainability. Roca Group’s collaboration with Keramischer Ofenbau in Germany proves how vital cooperation is in driving innovation.

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