Exhibitions in Spain for Entertainment & Media

Spain’s entertainment and media industry is experiencing a true Renaissance, fueled by a wave of creativity and strategic investments aimed at propelling the country to the forefront of Europe’s audio-visual market. Considering the massive €1.6 billion AVS Hub Plan in 2021, Spain is poised to give the UK fierce competition when it comes to the number one spot in Europe. Streaming series and movies are the secret weapons behind Spain's entertainment boom. La Casa de Papel, known internationally as Money Heist, catapulted Spanish productions into the global spotlight when it became the most-watched non-English Netflix series in 2018. This success served as a catalyst for Spain’s ambitions to become a global hub for entertainment. And its ambitions have been paid off as seven of the top 20 non-English movies on Netflix in early 2023 were Spanish productions, surpassing renowned film industries like South Korea and France in producing hits in languages other than English. While Korean series Squid Game leads the non-English series list with over two billion hours of viewing time, Money Heist’s three seasons maintain a prominent position. Recent Spanish movie releases on streaming platforms include Nowhere, Burning Body, and Rosa Peral’s Tapes. Upcoming productions like Me He Hecho Viral and The Rye Horn promise to keep viewers invested with intriguing storylines and talented casts. Spanish entertainment’s growing global influence is amplified by the built-in international markets with Spanish-speaking audiences. With over a billion potential viewers in Romance language-speaking regions, the market for Spanish content is vast and lucrative. Furthermore, the rise of streaming platforms has facilitated the dissemination of Spanish productions to international audiences, driving demand for diverse and culturally rich narratives. Diego Ávalos of Netflix highlights the strong market demand for local content in Spain, emphasizing the importance of catering to regional tastes and preferences.

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