Exhibitions in Portugal for Entertainment & Media

Portugal’s entertainment and media industry has come face to face with exceptional change that’s left it grappling with the challenges posed by digital transformation. Established companies have to content with newer players that are emerging to redefine the way audiences consume news and entertainment. Television remains a cornerstone of Portuguese media consumption with television news retaining a significant share of viewership. However, the radio and print sectors face increasing pressure to adapt to changing consumer preferences in an era dominated by digital platforms. At the forefront of news production and distribution are five major media groups, each wielding considerable influence over the Portuguese media landscape. Among these are RTP, the public broadcaster, and Media Capital, which owns TVI channels and various radio stations. IMPRESA, another key player, boasts SIC TV channels and the Expresso newspaper, while Global Media and Cofina have carved their niche in the print sector with publications like Diário de Notícias, Jornal de Notícias, Correio da Manhã, and Negócios. The presence of Rádio Renascença and RFM, both rooted in Catholicism, adds diversity to the media scene in Portugal, with RFM leading in entertainment broadcasts and RR making waves in news radio. While traditional media brands continue to dominate TV, radio and print, the online arena presents a different landscape. Legacy brands jostle for space alongside internet news platforms like Notícias ao Minuto and SAPO. The business sector has witnessed significant changes, marked by the closure of Diário Económico and the emergence of online newspapers such as Jornal Económico and ECO. These developments signal a dramatic upheaval as digital natives exert an ever growing influence. In tandem with media evolution, Portugal's broadband market has experienced substantial growth, driven by a surge in subscribers. With investments in FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home) and cable internet, Portugal's broadband infrastructure is poised for further expansion.

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