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Fiera Milano S.p.A.
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EICMA Moto Update

The new EICMA Moto dates are 07.11.2023 to 12.11.2023. Fiera Milano will host the in-person exhibition. The EICMA Moto will be held in the absence of a strictly enforced COVID-19 prevention plan. This is because of the removal of the country's pandemic-related restrictions, including the travel limitations.


EICMA Moto holds the distinction of being the biggest international motorcycle exhibition. It is one of the most important events in the motorcycle world and is a must-attend for professionals and motorcycle enthusiasts alike. It’s here that audiences can marvel at the latest models of carrier bikes, city bikes, ATBs, MTBs, racing bikes, e-bikes, mopeds and scooters as well as gain access to the full array of parts and accessories.


  • City bikes, ATBs, MTBs and racing bikes
  • Carrier bikes;
  • E-bikes; Mopeds;
  • Scooters;
  • Moulds and Dyes;
  • Oils & Lubricants, etc.


Organised by EICMA, editions take place every year in Milan, Italy, and last for six days in total. Fiera Milano Rho admits trade visitors for the first two days and then is open for the public on the latter four days.

Opening hours for trade visitors are from 08:30 am on the first day and 09:00 am on the second until 18:30 pm for both days. For the public, opening hours start from 09:30 am for all days until 18:30 pm. The only exception is the fourth day when closing time is at 22:00 pm. 

Audience and statistics

There’s much to enjoy at EICMA Moto as a visitor and exhibitor. Organisers have made sure that there is a packed program and special shows like the EICMA Moto Custom, EICMA Moto Green Planet, EICMA Moto Safety Area and MotoLive Arena. All the more reason to invest in your hotel booking for EICMA Moto.

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Past Editions of EICMA Moto

2021 Edition

The 2021 edition of EICMA Moto took place between November 23rd and November 28th, 2021. The event was held at Fiera Milano as a face-to-face trade show. To ensure the safety of the 342,844 attendees, the event venue featured the most up-to-date Covid-19 prevention measures. The 3G entry policy and mandatory face masks were among the safeguards put in place. Attendees were required to present papers such as negative test results before being admitted to the venue. Indoor spaces, such as exhibition halls, required them to wear face masks as well. There were 28.841 trade professionals in attendance, as well as 45,127 journalists.

2022 Edition

The 2022 edition of EICMA Moto surpassed the participation rates of the previous edition. The live trade fair, held between 08.11.2022 and 13.11.2022 in Fiera Milano, featured an overall attendance increase of 38% compared to 2021. Over 473,000 participants attended the venue. This included 1,370 exhibitors from 45 countries (59% were from abroad) and over 6,900 media professionals (38% were from abroad). Additionally, 38,747 trade visitors (51% from abroad) visited the fair. This represented a 35% increase compared to the previous edition. The venue did not feature Covid-19 safety measures due to the removal of the country's pandemic-related restrictions.

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