Exhibitions in Italy for Beauty

Italy has secured its place as the fourth-largest beauty market in Europe, claiming 12% share of the total market volume. While trailing behind Germany, the UK and France, Italy boasts a unique distinction – it leads in the number of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) within the beauty industry. The Italian beauty landscape has two qualities working in its favor: sophistication and innovation. With 35,000 people employed in the sector and an expansive cosmetic supply chain employing 200,000 people spread across 123,000 companies, the industry’s reach is vast. The beauty sector's total value in Italy stands at an impressive $17.5 billion. Italians are increasingly placing their trust in commerce, driven by the appeal of cosmetic products and the proliferation of new sales channels such as single-brand retail, e-commerce and direct sales. In addition, Italian beauty products are popular worldwide, both in established and emerging markets, for their innovation and unwavering commitment to quality. In 2017, nearly 30% of Italian consumers expressed their intent to consume more cosmetics in the forthcoming year, despite ongoing economic challenges. This underscores the pivotal role that cosmetics play in Italian life. The 2017 Beauty Report by Cosmetica Italia, the Italian Association of Cosmetic Industries, highlights that over 50% of consumers emphasized the need for prudence in cosmetic expenses due to economic conditions. The cosmetics industry in Italy notched an impressive $12.3 million in turnover during the same year, marking a 4% increase compared to the previous year. Italy’s prowess extends beyond its borders, with cosmetics exports charting remarkable growth, surging by 13% in 2017. Among these exports, the United States emerges as the third-largest market, following Germany and France. The Italian cosmetic industry is valued globally, with American consumers alone contributing an impressive $384 million. The COVID-19 pandemic forced a slowing-down in the industry, which is consistent with other countries.

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