Exhibitions in Italy for Baby, Kids & Maternity

Italy‘s vibrant industry for baby, children’s and maternity products encompasses a diverse array of items catering to kids up to 12 years old and their parents. This range includes essentials like diapers and pacifiers as well as recreational goods such as toys, games, and apparel. Italy boasts a sizable child population, so the market has been going from strength to strength over the years and has managed to weather the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic without significant losses. National and foreign manufacturers and businesses eager to tap into its potential. At the heart of the childrenчs product landscape lies the toys and games industry, a cornerstone of childhood development. Italy boasts a robust sector with approximately 320 enterprises dedicated to manufacturing games and toys. However, despite its size, the industry has witnessed a gradual decline in the number of domestic manufacturers and specialized retail stores over the past decade. While annual sales experienced growth until 2021, forecasts suggest a downward trend in the coming years. Complementing the toy sector, Italy's apparel and fashion industry places significant emphasis on baby and children's clothing. In 2023, the country‘s children's and junior’s apparel manufacturing industry boasted a production value of EUR 935 million. While production and consumption values were slightly higher in the pre-pandemic years, the apparel sector, like many others, faced challenges during the COVID-19 crisis, experiencing notable setbacks. In parallel, the baby food market in Italy reflects another critical aspect of the children's products landscape. With a market size of EUR 672.6 million in 2023, the sector is anticipated to achieve a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) exceeding 2% from 2023 to 2029. Comprehensive research reports offer insights into per capita expenditure and consumption, distribution channels and company dynamics, guiding stakeholders toward potential business opportunities in this segment.

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