Exhibitions in Italy for Restaurants

Italy continues to assert its dominance in the global restaurant industry with a steady resurgence following the challenges of the pandemic era. As of May 2022, the market size of the restaurants and takeaway food operators in Italy reached approximately EUR 35 billion. Amidst a global rebound in the restaurant industry, Italian cuisine has emerged as a frontrunner, experiencing double-digit growth and reclaiming its top position in the culinary world. According to Deloitt’s Foodservice Market Monitor report for 2023, Italian cuisine witnessed an 11% increase and contributed to a total market value of EUR 228 billion. Full-service restaurants, epitomizing the essence of traditional dining experiences, remain a cornerstone of Italy’s culinary landscape as they capture half of the market share and solidify the country’s stature as a leader in this segment across Europe. With nearly 153 thousand businesses and approximately 567 thousand employees, Italy’s restaurant industry continues to thrive. Italian restaurants, both domestically and on the global stage, have strategically positioned themselves by offering a compelling value proposition. They emphasize the impeccable quality-to-price ratio that has become synonymous with Italian cuisine. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, delivery services have experienced significant growth with Italian restaurants adapting to meet evolving consumer preferences and expanding their reach beyond traditional dining settings. Italy’s influence extends beyond its borders with Italian cuisine commanding a 19% share of the traditional restaurant market worldwide. This enduring popularity underscores the universal appeal of Italian culinary traditions and the enduring legacy of Italy’s culinary heritage. The upcoming decade promises unprecedented change for the restaurant, but through thick and thin Italy remains at the forefront. It’s the diverse, rich flavors, traditions going back centuries and unique experience that makes Italian cuisine so captivating to diners around the globe.

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