Exhibitions in UK for Gardening

The gardening industry in the UK is one of the more robust sectors in the British economy as it’s the favorite pastime for millions of Brits, who spend their time outside in green spaces and create their own gardens. According to recent estimates, 27 million people — equivalent to 42% of the population — indulge in gardening activities. Employment in the gardening sector is incredibly high with approximately 144,400 professional gardeners and landscape gardeners working across the UK in 2022. But how much time do Brits really dedicate to their gardening endeavors? On average, a typical UK gardener spends just over 2 hours per week nurturing their outdoor spaces, totaling around 114 hours annually. These hours are distributed across various tasks, including lawn mowing, weeding, painting sheds and fences, watering plants, trimming hedges, and jet washing patios, reflecting the dedication and effort invested in maintaining pristine gardens. Gardening is predominantly seen as a feminine activity and numbers seem to confirm this as 57% of amateur gardening are female, according to consumer data from 2014. However, gender dynamics have shifted at the start of the twenties. A 2020 survey revealed that 35% of men consider themselves the primary gardeners in their homes, closely followed by 33% of women, challenging traditional gender norms and showcasing the universal appeal of gardening across genders. The professional gardening sphere also leans towards higher female representation. Female designers or teams responsible for 57% of the gardens showcased at the prestigious 2018 Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, highlighting the significant contributions of women to the industry. In essence, gardening transcends mere leisure activity in the UK. It's a cultural phenomenon deeply ingrained in the nation's identity.

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