Sandringham Flower Show 2024

Sandringham Flower Show 2024

Sandringham, UK
31-31 Jul 2024
Sandringham Estate Cottage Horticultural Society Trust
1 year

One of Eastern England's most prominent horticultural events

What’s England without its long-standing love and appreciation for its gardens and floristry in Norfolk, the flower show you want to showcase your vegetables, fruit, flowers and floral art is the Sandringham Flower Show. At its core, it’s a classic flower show through and through with a nod to the military with a military band, equestrian shows and gardening club competitions.

It’s a place to see the fruits of the English soil, and the event has a long tradition. The very first edition was held back in 1881, almost 140 years ago, and this fact places the Sandringham Flower Show among the longest-running flower shows in the world. Part of its lasting importance is the fact that it’s held on the grounds of Sandringham House, which used to be the country residence for the Royal Family. Funding from the flower show goes into local charities, which further help Norfolk grow and flourish.

Sandringham Flower Show 2024

Sandringham Flower Show 2024 will be held on 31.07.2024 as a live exhibition. It will take place at the Sandringham Estate and will not feature Covid-19 safety measures. This is because the UK removed its coronavirus-related restrictions. This includes the ones related to travelling to the country.


As we’ve established, Sandringham Flow Show generates a swell of visitors on just one day and if you’re keen on having the best experience at the flower show, you’ll want to book your hotels as early as possible. Trade Fair Trips ltd assists with every detail surrounding your business trip to the village of Sandringham.

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On foot
On foot:

Not advisable when travelling from Norwich Airport

Not advisable when travelling from King's Lynn Station

By car
By car:

50 minutes when travelling from Norwich Airport

15 minutes when travelling from King's Lynn Station

By public transport
By public transport:

55 minutes when travelling from Norwich Airport

Not advisable when travelling from King's Lynn Station


The Sandringham Flower Show arrives at the height of English summer towards late July and lasts for a single day, where thousands of visitors come to experience show gardens and produce. The showgrounds open early in the morning at 09:30 am and close at 17:00 pm and the event takes place at Sandringham Park close to Sandringham House and Sandringham Church. Every year, the organiser (Sandringham Estate Cottage Horticultural Society Trust) sets out to add more events to the day’s proceedings, thus making Sandringham an even more popular destination in Norfolk.

If you’re not travelling by car, there are other ways to get to the show grounds easily. Bus 35 has a stop directly at the Country Park and connect to King's Lynn Bus Station, which is also serviced by the National Express coach service. You have a variety of train lines, which connect to King's Lynn Railway Station located 6 miles (9.66 km) from the show grounds.

  • Sandringham Flower Show is an excellent opportunity to be seen and recognized within your region and beyond. It’s the perfect place to grow your network, meet up with current clients and make some direct sales;
  • Sandringham Flower Show further attracts attention and business due to its taking place at the Royal country residence. It’s an established annual event for the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall to make an appearance.
  • Sandringham Flower Show is all about competitions. You have top designers compete in the Show Gardens sections, but there’s also a lot of competitions for local gardening clubs.

First, let’s go through the numbers real quick. Why should exhibitors invest in a trade stand at the Sandringham Flower Show? Every edition, the showgrounds rent out space for 200 trade stands, whereas the showgrounds attract well above 200,000 visitors from all over Norfolk and the rest of the country.

There’s such a big interest for a variety of reasons. Admission to Sandringham Flower Show also includes free access to the Sandringham Gardens, Museum and Church, which makes for an unforgettable daily trip for families and children. There’s a lot more to discover in terms of programming such as arena acts, local cuisine and children’s entertainment. Nurseries, farmers, growers and gardeners are among those who showcase at the flower show looking for the prestige of being associated with the Sandringham Flower Show name.

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