Royal Welsh Show 2024

Royal Welsh Show 2024

Architecture, Building, Construction, Urban Equipment Agriculture Gardening
Llanelwedd, UK
22-25 Jul 2024
The Royal Welsh Agricultural Society
1 year
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Royal Welsh Show

The pinnacle agricultural event of the UK

The Royal Welsh Show boosts both tourism and the local economy in Wales by becoming the go-to place for agricultural businesses to generate sales and a place for nearby rural communities to come together. The trade show has a long history, as the very first edition was held in 1904, and it was only through its popularity that organisers gave the Royal Welsh Show its current permanent exhibition grounds. The agricultural show is a place for entertainment, competitions, showcases, judging of cattle, sheep, horses, goats, pigs, and a place to purchase directly from local producers. Organisers reveal that almost £10 million is being spent during the show by visitors and that’s not counting the over £6 million, which is directly the result of secondary (business) sales. How does this stimulate the local economy? It’s estimated that the Royal Welsh Show generates an additional £3 million of economic benefit for the area.

Royal Welsh Show 2024

Between 22.07.2024 and 25.07.2024, the Royal Welsh Show will be held at the Royal Welsh Showground. The live exhibition will not include stringent Covid-19 prevention measures. This is due to the improving pandemic situation, which has resulted in the removal of Germany's domestic and travel limitations. Due to such changes, attendees will not be required to present 3G entry documents upon arrival in the country or at the venue.


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On foot
On foot:

Not advisable when travelling from Cardiff Airport

35 minutes when travelling from Builth Road Station

By car
By car:

Not advisable when travelling from Cardiff Airport

3 minutes when travelling from Builth Road Station

By public transport
By public transport:

Not advisable when travelling from Cardiff Airport

5 minutes when travelling from Builth Road Station


Hotels near Royal Welsh Show

Hotel Stars Distance to fair City Price
Royal Welsh Show 2024 Llanelwedd The New White Lion 40.05 on request Request
Royal Welsh Show 2024 Llanelwedd The Castle Hotel 23.8 on request Request
Royal Welsh Show 2024 Llanelwedd The Byre 48.54 on request Request
Royal Welsh Show 2024 Llanelwedd 36Heritage House 33.18 Kingston upon Hull on request Request
Royal Welsh Show 2024 Llanelwedd The Kings Head Inn 38.2 on request Request
Royal Welsh Show 2024 Llanelwedd Upper Letton Farmhouse 45.3 on request Request
Royal Welsh Show 2024 Llanelwedd Pwllgwilym B & B 5.43 on request Request
Royal Welsh Show 2024 Llanelwedd The Plough Inn 57 on request Request

The Royal Welsh Show defines high summer in Wales every single year. Editions are organised at the show grounds of Llanelwedd, Builth Wells, and usually take place at the end of July. For a total of four days, the entire rural community can come and enjoy the festivities and competitions. The audience is made from agricultural professionals as well as the local rural communities. The show is organised by the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society and the gates open at 08:00 am every day, although closing times vary depending on programming. The show grounds can be reached by most major motorways in the UK - M42/ M5/ A44/ M6/ M56/ A483/ A4. There are also railway connections to Llanelwedd through Shrewsbury or Swansea with two options to get off - Builth Road or Llandrindod Wells stations. It’s a peaceful, scenic trip through the rich Welsh countryside. 

“The Royal Welsh Show is the pinnacle agricultural event in the UK. Over the years it has evolved to the overwhelming success story we see before our very eyes today, the 100th show, a success story that has spanned generations of country folk, farmers and leading citizens of our nation.”

“The featured county arrangement since 1963 has allowed this great institution to flourish year on year by investing in new and better facilities, none of this could be achieved without the fantastic efforts made by the host counties with this year being no exception.”

“Long may the feature county tradition continue to enable the Royal Welsh Show and the society to act as the link between town and country, urban and rural and food and consumer.”

“People expect me to be here, I’ve had the same stand for 14 years.”

“Something we’ve done for quite a long time, mainly for the quality of leads and for generating new enquiries.”

There is a reason why the Royal Welsh Show occupies such a crucial role for the development of the local economy in Wales. During the four days of its program, the show registers over 200,000 visitors, who represent both agricultural professionals and the local communities near the grounds. The variety of games, competitions and live attractions are for the public, which are the most attractive customer base for small exhibitors – mostly artisanal independent businesses. At the same time, the Royal Welsh Show creates the perfect conditions for larger companies with a wider reach to receive attention and generate sales leads. Exhibitors encompass a wide variety of product categories – machinery, health and beauty, gardening supplies, crafts, clothing, and food and drink. Another important group attending is that of the young farmers in the area, thanks to the support of Young Farmers' Clubs.

Royal Welsh Show 2022

The Royal Welsh Show in 2022 attracted over 200,000 visitors. The face-to-face event was held at the Royal Welsh Showground from July 18th to July 21st, 2022. Because of the improved pandemic situation, the edition was conducted in the absence of Covid-19 safety precautions.

Royal Welsh Show 2023

The Royal Welsh Show's 2023 edition took place between the dates of 24.07.2023 and 27.07.2023. It was held at the Royal Welsh Showground as a live event. The rendition attracted over 700 exhibitors. 

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