Exhibitions in UK for Security

The United Kingdom’s defense market is set to undergo substantial growth with an estimated size of USD 64.55 billion in 2024 and it’s projected to reach USD 75.27 billion by 2029. The COVID-19 pandemic might have upset the market, but the UK government remains dead set on increasing its military budget, citing the necessity to enhance the capabilities of its armed forces. The UK’s security industry is on its way to receive a thorough modernization and certain sectors are already seeing a boost in activity. In the realm of helicopters, Leonardo and Airbus Helicopters UK emerge as players dominating the market. Leonardo, the largest inward investor in the UK defense sector, holds a prominent position as a major supplier of defense equipment to the UK Ministry of Defence. Operating with a robust industrial presence, Leonardo’s helicopter division engages around 7000 employees in the UK and supports an additional 10,000 jobs in the supply chain. The company caters to both commercial and government customers globally. Airbus Helicopters UK, a stalwart in the industry for over three decades, has been a reliable provider of products and services for civil and military helicopter markets. With an impressive track record of customizing and delivering over 300 civil helicopters in the UK, Airbus Helicopters UK commands a 46% fleet share in the country's civil and para-public market, particularly dominating the security and emergency services sector. On the frontlines of ensuring public safety, the National Police Service (NPAS) plays a crucial role by providing air support to the 46 police forces of England and Wales. With a network of 15 bases and a fleet consisting of Eurocopter EC135’s and EC145’s, NPAS is a key player in maintaining law and order from the skies.

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