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Shrewsbury Flower Show

Shrewsbury Flower Show

Shrewsbury, UK
Agriculture, Horticulture, Gardening
Shropshire Horticultural Society
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Event website:
Shrewsbury Flower Show
1 year

Shrewsbury Flower Show 2022 Update

Shrewsbury Flower Show 2022 will be hosted as a face-to-face flower exhibition amidst strict Covid-19 safety measures. The hosting dates for the edition are 12.08.2022 - 13.08.2022 and the hosting location will be the Quarry, Shrewsbury's central park. Among the implemented safety measures will be the obligation for participants to maintain a 2-metre social distance at all times. They also must show before entry documentation such as vaccination passports or proof of recovery certificates. Because of the travel bans implemented in the United Kingdom, upon arrival, attendees can opt for one of the following. They can present upon arrival their 3G documents such as negative test results or immunisation passports. They can also schedule the taking of a PCR test and present the negative test results up to the second day after their arrival.  


The Shrewsbury Flower Show holds a distinguished place in England’s history as it’s among the longest-running shows in the country overall and has also earned a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest-running flower show in the world. The annual event was established back in 1857 and has been a massive drive for the local economy in Shropshire, England as well as a way to honour England’s love affair with gardening. The flower show selects the very best displays of flowers, fruit and vegetables, but it doesn’t stop there. Visitors will also see the most skilled in garden design try their hands at several competitions that highlight the imagination, creativity and professional craftsmanship behind the most beautiful gardens in England. As Shrewsbury Flower Show grew, so did the format and now there’s music and entertainment, firework displays, show jumping and lots of art and antiques available for purchase.


Summer is the absolute best time to host a flower show and the Shrewsbury Flower Show makes no exception as the event arrives in the middle of August in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Editions run for two days total and occupy a territory of 29 acres within The Quarry - the main town’s park. On both days, gates open at 08:30 am for members of the Shropshire Horticultural Society, which is the official organiser of the show, and 10:00 am for non-members. Be aware that closing times for different Marquees at The Quarry differs greatly on the day, and it’s best to check the show’s time table early. The central location of the Shrewsbury Flower Show means most visitors can reach it on foot or drive to it. There are connections to public transport with Shrewsbury Railway Station situated under a mile away to the North. There is also the Shrewsbury Bus Station even closer for buses from out of town.

What You Can Expect as an Exhibitor

  • As we will examine later, the Shrewsbury Flower Show operates on a fast pace, where the exhibitors have the perfect opportunity to reach their widest audience yet and generate fast direct sales in the middle of the year;
  • Shrewsbury Flower Show appeals to exhibitors, because it functions more and more as a pure festival, which means there will be different types of visitors from buyers to the end consumer, and that’s good for diversification;
  • It’s an honour to be a part of the exhibitors at the Shrewsbury Flower Show, because it’s so long lived and trusted. You’re aligning yourself with an event that’s stable and popular, and always keeps audience numbers at a high.

Audience & Statistics

To say the Shrewsbury Flower Show is adrenaline fueled would be an understatement as the show generates foot traffic from over 60,000 visitors over the course of two days. These visitors range anywhere from professionals involved in the floristry, gardening and retail industry as well as just families with children, vacationers and students looking to hone their skills. Now let’s investigate the other side – who is the marquees. Visitors come to see TV personalities, celebrity chefs, singers and spectacular arena acts for the entertainment. The professionals are attracted by the top national nurseries and growers, but there are lot people in between – various societies, amateur growers and exhibitors involved with bees, honey and wines.


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