Exhibitions in Netherlands for Catering

The Netherlands’ catering industry is experiencing a culinary boom with its out-of-home food service industry generating €20 billion annually. Dutch consumers are increasingly opting for restaurant experiences as evidenced by the €12.7 billion generated by hotels, restaurants and cafes. Beverage service follows suit with annual spending surging from €1.78 billion in 2015 to over €2 billion in 2018. This growing appetite is reflected in the rising number of restaurants with 15,500 establishments in 2018, indicating a 915-strong increase since 2016. When it comes to full-service dining, local brands dominate the rankings. Van Der Valk reigns supreme with a turnover of €830 million followed by Landal Greenparks at €445 million. The fast-food scene echoes this sentiment, with McDonald’s leading the pack at over €1 billion followed by KFC and Burger King. After experiencing some turbulence, the catering sector is flourishing again. In 2018, it reached a €3.32 billion revenue mark with Sodexo taking the top spot at €327 million. Local players Albron and Vermaat Groep follow closely behind at €260 million and €255 million respectively. While the Dutch enjoy dining out, their preferences are evolving. A 2019 survey showed a slight dip in frequent dining compared to the previous year. However, there’s a growing awareness of food waste with 38.8% of respondents requesting doggy bags and 79.9% urging restaurants to combat waste. These changing consumer demands coupled with government initiatives are propelling sustainability to the forefront. Local sourcing, reduced food waste and eco-friendly practices are becoming key differentiators for Dutch caterers. The Dutch food service industry is on a delicious trajectory fueled by increasing demand, shifting preferences and a growing focus on sustainability. As restaurants adapt to these trends, the future of Dutch dining promises to be flavorful, responsible and uniquely satisfying.

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