Exhibitions in France for Livestock & Poultry

France has always been a reliable European player in the region’s meat production industry. The French livestock and poultry industry is known for quality of products and a high output. However, it’s the poultry sector that continues to perform exceptionally well to the point that France will be constructing a cutting-edge processing site in Brittany to the tune of €160 million in investment funds. Amidst this expansion, poultry farming is also gearing up to provide adequate conditions for its birds. Under the Ambition Anvol 2025 pact, the entire sector is dedicated to responsible action. By 2025, the industry vows to provide natural light for over 50% of broilers, reduce antibiotic use by 60% (compared to 2011 rates), and embark on a comprehensive modernization of slaughterhouses along with the annual renovation of 10% of its buildings. Responding to the calls of animal advocacy groups like Welfarm and L214, key corporations in the sector are signing the European Chicken Commitment. This commitment entails a maximum stocking density, third-party auditing and pre-slaughter stunning. While these promises signify a substantial financial investment that can increase the price per hen by up to 60%, they align with the logic of the government stimulus plan. This initiative resonates with consumers' concerns about the ethical treatment of animals in the food industry. The French poultry sector is determined to meet these expectations, proudly standing behind its iconic rooster emblem. The significance of the French poultry industry extends beyond its domestic influence. France takes the lead in several categories on the European and global stages – first in egg production, guinea fowl farming and free-range chicken farming in Europe. It also secures the second position in duck production globally and claims the third spot in global turkey production. The egg and poultry sector in France has an export revenue of €1.11 billion.

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