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Rennes ,France
Food Processing, Packaging Industry
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Get set for SPACE 2021’s hybrid event. Meet other livestock professionals in person from September 14th to September 16th at Rennes Exhibition Centre in Rennes, France or meet them online on September 17th at the all-digital day. Organisers assure the exhibition grounds will follow strict COVID-19 prevention protocol.


On the European stage, there is one international trade show for animal husbandry and that is the sought-after SPACE. The name is abbreviated from Salon des Productions Animales - Carrefour Européen, as it’s called in the original French, and has existed for around three to four days. The very first edition ran in 1986 in a much smaller format, but now has expanded to become a leading platform for procurement, education and innovation.

The international trade show encompasses the whole value chain in the industry and product groups include animal feed and nutrition, animal health, milking equipment, farm equipment and building, genetics, agrobiology, energies, aquaculture suppliers and veterinary medicine.

Visitors can also come face to face with livestock, which often enters animal competitions – one of the show’s main programming highlights that draws in buyers with significant budgets. We also want to mention how important the Innov'Space awards have been in raising SPACE’s profile.


SPACE is always awaited by trade visitors as the trade show is held every year around the second part of September. Editions run for a total of four days in Rennes, France, which has good service to Paris, France. SPACE also holds the distinction of being the longest running event held in the city.

Rennes Exhibition Center (Rennes Parc des Expositions) is where editions are held and the organisation also names SPACE is responsible for editions. Admission is given only to industry insiders and currently opening hours are scheduled for 09:00 am in the morning until 18:00 pm in the afternoon.

The best way to commute to the exhibition centre is to rent a car, but if you don’t want to, there are other means. SPACE visitors have access to shuttle buses, which run regularly from a number of locations – the city centre, the central train station, the airport and Saint-Malo.

What to expect as an exhibitor

  • SPACE is the benchmark marker for innovations in the industry – it’s the platform that sees first the cutting-edge contributions to machines, equipment and more. It’s precisely why Innov'Space awards were created in the first place, as a way to honour the best;
  • The exhibition presents itself as a genetics hub for the bovine sector and this is demonstrated by the 15 different cattle breeds and 12 sheep breeds showcased and entered in a number of competitions. SPACE also hosts the highly anticipated “Genomic Elite” auction that targets multiple breeds and has no equal in the rest of the world;
  • SPACE is here to facilitate business. Not only does the trade show achieve this through the collection of all chief players in one stage, but also through further incentives such a VIP treatment for international visitors. These include Access to the International Club as well as a guide to languages spoken at the booths.

Audience & statistics

SPACE boasts an incredible attendance as there’s over 1400 international exhibitors showcasing their products and solutions to an audience that has grown to 105,000 industry professionals.

The country numbers might appear to be quite large (there are visitors from 122 countries), but SPACE is predominantly a meeting point for the farmers and operators in France. To this end, the number of foreign visitors is only over 14,000. This certainly opens you wide to the French market and as a whole, SPACE receives positive marks from both exhibitors and visitors – over 80%.

The main reason for visitors’ attendance is working towards growing their professional networks. Let’s take a look into what sectors visitors represent. We see all the major sectors – cattle, which extends to both dairy and meat, goats, rabbits, poultry, pigs, sheep and even aquaculture.


As en exhibitor, the logistics of your business trip are very important and Trade Fair Trips ltd has a truly flexible service that does away with all your concerns. Don’t have a contractor to construct your exhibition booth? We can step into that role easily and efficiently. Need a meeting room for a specific time and place? We can do the search and reservation in your name.

We are at your service when it comes to hotel accommodation for SPACE. Business travel should be an available commodity so we work at all price points to ensure you stay within budget every time and get the best offers for your price range. Location is valuable so we aim to select hotels near Rennes Exhibition Center or ones near the shuttle bus pick-up points so that you don’t waste any time in commuting every day.

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