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Shanghai ,China
Food Processing, Packaging Industry
Organizer :
Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China
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Event website :
1 year

CIIE 2022 & Covid-19

The National Exhibition and Convention Centre in Shanghai, China, will host the 2022 edition of CIIE. The event format will be "face-to-face," with the hosting dates being 04.11.2022 to 09.11.2022. To ensure attendee safety, the host venue will implement the most up-to-date coronavirus safety measures. The 3G, or health status verification entry rule, will be one of the installed measures. Attendees should be aware that they will be required to show papers such as immunisation passports before being admitted due to the regulation. Because of the recently enacted travel bans, they must also present such paperwork upon arrival in China.


CIIE is the brand new national import & export expo spearheaded by the Chinese government to loosen restrictions on international trade with China. The name is an abbreviation that stands for the China International Import Expo, which has been taking place once a year. The show will run for six days in total in November in Shanghai, and it will involve the broader trade industry. China International Import Expo Bureau and Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center serves as organisers, with the latter also being the host of the event. The purpose of the show is to promote international commerce and encourage purchase agreements between suppliers and buyers. The expo also runs two forums that are quickly finding purchase among senior management representatives, political leaders and CEOs – the Hongqiao International Business Media and Think Tank Forum, and the Hongqiao International Economic and Trade Forum.

It is the first time in modern history that China welcomes foreign manufacturers and brands, thus joining the free global marker in greater capacity. This presents companies within several industry significant additional income streams in a fresh market. The exhibition space itself is divided based on the industry showcased—service trade, medical technology, food products, home appliances, automobile, and fashion. It is a trade show that attracts hundreds of thousands in visitor numbers. Therefore, your hotel accommodation is even more important. Trade Fair Trips ltd lines you up to have first picked of the best hotels in your price class in Shanghai and make great savings on your accommodation costs. We also take care of all your secondary needs, from advice on public transport and providing you with meeting rooms to collaborating together on how your exhibition stand will look its best.

Past Editions of CIIE

Edition 2021

CIIE's 2021 edition was held at the National Exhibition and Convention Centre as a face-to-face exhibition. The rendition's event dates were set between 05.11.2021 and 10.11.2021. CIIE 2021 attracted over 3,000 press representatives, over 2,000 trade visitors, over 150 significant guests such as government officials and over 2,900 exhibitors from 106 countries. The latest coronavirus safety measures were on display at the National Exhibition and Convention Centre. Stringent social distancing and mandatory face masks were among the safeguards instated at the venue.

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How to get to CIIE
On foot
On foot:

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport – not advisable

Hongqiao Railway Station – not advisable

By car
By car:

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport – 14 mins via Yinggang East Road

Hongqiao Railway Station – 10 mins via Yinggang East Road

By public transport
By public transport:

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport – not available

Hongqiao Railway Station – not available

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